Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

Oyeku Ofun Temple


Blessings. Ogbo Ato.

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Our Mission:

It is our mission to help people connect with Spirit and in doing so, help them to follow their destiny and to be the best person they can be.

About us:

Oyeku Ofun Temple is a temple of traditional Orisa worship where we worship in the ways of our ancestors. The temple is a place of of Ifa, Orisa, and Ogboni worship. The temple is located in Arcata, Northern California. The temple is headed by Babalawo Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode and Apetebi Oyaseye Fakayode. We often get together for events and ceremonies to worship and praise the Orisha.

We are proudly affiliated with the organization ORISHA PRACTITIONERS FOR WORLD PEACE

We are proudly affiliated with the organization ORISHA PRACTITIONERS FOR WORLD PEACE

We are proudly affiliated with the organization  ORISHA PRACTITIONERS FOR WORLD PEACE

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Osunyemi Fakayode
+1 (707) 583-9432
Oyeku Ofun Temple
PO Box 4833
Arcata, CA 95518 USA


May the full moon bring us IRE GBOGBO

We give thanks to Olodumare for the blessings of long life, good health, and happiness.
Ire Ogbo, Ire Ato, Ire Ayo.

“Ifa, do you not deserve praise?
Ifa, you really deserve praise!
The life of the Moon is more pleasant than that of the Sun.
It does not smart the body,
It does not bite the body,
Also, it is not painful to the body.”
-Sacred Odu Ifa OYEKU OFUN




Santeria Lucumi Lukumi Ifa Traditional Orisha Orisa Religion Ile Humboldt Arcata Eureka Northern California Oshun Oya Shango Orunmila Orula Yemaya Yemoja Yemonja  Olokun Obatala Orisala Oxala 

69 thoughts on “Oyeku Ofun Temple

  1. Awo fakoye iba oo.what does it take to workshop in oyeku temple from diasporra.am heartedly interested. Tks.

  2. hello baba ifa kayode amosun,eku ise oluwa,ifa agbe wa o,ejo baba mofe ki eran mi lowoise ifa ni emi na nse,mofe ki e fa mi lowo soke,ifa aduro ti eyin na o,nitori odu ifa kan sowipe,OYEKU OFUN loso wipe(ya funmi ki ya fun e,ogbon ogbon awa awe la nfi ya fun eni toba juniloo,adifa fun sere o nlo keyin ayee woni ko kara nle ebo ni koya se e se aye re o,e se aye re, eni aye ba de kan ese aye ire..baba ejo e ran mi lowo o.IFA agbe yin oo.Asee..

  3. Oye amori. Ileke l,owo pamupamu. Ileke a pe l’orun.

  4. Incredible, wonderful blog design and style! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your web site is excellent, let alone the content!

  5. Oboru aboye abosise babalawo ifa a gbe wa oo. U have done a great job ifa will lead u up and I’m proud to be Traditionalist nw we can seat up

  6. IFAKAYODE, otun amufawuni, is making us proud in ifa religion. I always strange dreams related to IFA. I want to learn.

  7. Pls I want to meet with any ifa priest for consultation

  8. teach me more about IFA. i am new


    • Only Christ, the Prince of Peace, can bring real peace. False gods and the occult cannot. May God bless you, especially in steering you right!

      • You have been brainwashed! Take your ugly proselytism elsewhere

      • It is unfortunate that many perish in and with their ignorance
        A chicken that forgets the hawk hovers
        Retraces its path when it is left with just a chick
        Brainwashed people always have to claim knowledge of what they don’t know
        Because deceit is cryptic

  10. The High priestess can herald some hidden part of yourself which is about to surface; deeper emotions.
    With what can be found for the enthusiast, My – Space tarot
    groups show that the king of social networking is still in the
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  11. Sɑved ɑs a favorite, Ӏ like your websitе!

  12. Pls I want no much about ifa, bcos people give me different definition of ifa pls tell me in full thanks.

  13. I am informed

  14. I am a practicing devotee

  15. pls baba how can i know more abouut ifa,i am interested

  16. It is not my first time to visit this web site, i am visiting this website dailly and take good facts from here every day.

  17. Eu,filha de osun fiquei radiante com essas palavras ase o.

  18. I shall be grateful if you can enlighten me more better about this ifa thing. what is ifa, what is esu, what is eledumare

  19. I feel this is my calling and I want more knowledge on it. I need more guidance on the IFA Religion (Tradition)I am in Pretoria,SA

  20. I hope this helps a practitioner looking for a teaching position in nyc. Ps 42, Bronx, will be hiring teachers over the summer. Email resume to principal. Also, forward this message. The workplace should be shared by more practitioners.

  21. pls help me check what is wrong with my life. health wise

  22. baba esanu mi kinin ona abayo nipa oro aye ejo baba

  23. Ifa wo ni oyosimi oruko mi wasiu omo ramotu

  24. Lile to be a member my phone no

  25. I will like to know if this is the only Temple in the United States?

  26. I wil like to know the meaning of Odi Oyeku

  27. Alafia, I would like interpretation of Odu: Ogbe Ika

  28. What kind of ifa that appear to me let me know

  29. I need to find a temple here in Atlanta please email me as soon as you can peace and love

  30. Aboru Aboye Abosise! Greetings in the name of ifa ! I have been searching to find the truth and I thank you for allowing me to follow so that I learn about who I am and what is required of me on this path of my life! You see I have learn thus far that I am the daughter of Orisha OYA and Obatala also I am to be initiated as a high priestess of IFA in the mysteries of OYA and when I get my first reading from ifa in 2008 I got (28 ifa Odu ) which was not explain to me then! When in this year again I got another reading where I got the (36 ifa Odu )which this time I understand is (Oyekuwonrin) I have been really trying to get the true information about these two ifa Odu and what they mean to me, but alas still no answers ! Because all books are very expensive for me to purchase at this time and I wish to walk my path in true and honesty! I am asking ! Please can you email me the information about these two ifa Odu so I can have a better awakening of my life and what lessons or messages they hold for me and my path thus far ! I eagerly await your reply! Modupe!

    • Did you get a reply to this post? If not drop your email here and I will tell you everything you need to know about the two odus.

  31. Pls Baba Ifa Atu Ma Gbeyin Ju Bayi Lo ,ase Wa. Tell Me What The Person That Oturupon Came Out For Will Do ,and How To Make It In Life

    • Oturupon must be accompanied by another odu. It can not be only oturupon. it may be Oturupon meji though also known as Ologbon meji.

  32. Baba god we still they bless u pls tell me way out of odu ifa osetua

  33. Osetura, says that you should say good things, you shouldn’t curse, Ifa says that power lies on your tongue… Go and make a sacrifice for more details call me

  34. @ Osetura. Always appease Eshu. It is very important. You must have your own Ifa and Eshu Ifa which you must always appease.

  35. Confirmation of my e mail account

  36. Please sir tell me wat my odu of Otura tiku means

  37. Please sir tell me the meaning of my odu otura tiku

  38. Please tell me the meaning of my otura tiku odu

  39. Aboru Boyee,I will like to met good priest that can do active osole for me.

  40. Good day baba
    Aboru boyeoo ifa agbe yeoo please sir how can I get a good ifa priest here in Lagos Nigeria I need a way out of this my financial predicament I.e I need financial breakthrough. Thanks

  41. Hello , thanks for the great job. I would love to know about Ejioba or Obama meji. Thank Ifa ogbe gbogbowa o Ase

  42. What is the odu IFA for Esekan Ofun? What are the Taboos and Sacrifices?

  43. Can you make me a talisman that do not seek my money for materials and items, and you make a talisman send via courier company or your temple talisman to my home address me when I see the magic and power of the talisman I am sending you my money for talisman?

  44. Pls sir im from Ila orangun…. Pls tell me more about Ofun meji…. Thank very much

  45. I can’t even see my post in the list of post in this forum, I posted about odu ifa “” irete Osa”” that I need the oriki and the deep knowledge about the odu ifa the “” do’s and not do’s”” that is the taboo.

  46. Please sirs, i need a comprehensive knowledge of this odu ifa “” irete osa”” can anyone in the house tell me the oriki of this odu ifa, the taboo, that is the “” do’s and not do’s”” thanks.

    • Irete osa is a very good odu. the person should make appeasement regarding his place of work so that he doesn’t have problems there.
      Abore. 08026445476.

  47. Aburo aboye abossisse. I’m here to announce the chief Alagba of Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹, Baba Erin Folami aka Esmond Cyril Alexander King, has transitioned to an Egun the 28th of Osu Erena.

    Ogbo Ato

  48. Hellou, Could you explain how an Osodde is made with the Igbos?

  49. Aboru aboye Babalawo……Please, OGUNDAKA is my Odu Ifa… I want more knowledge about it and do’s and don’t

  50. Contact me for your pemanent cure to diabetes

    • For those in diapora

      • Good Day and Greetings in the name of IFA, I will like to know more about Ogunda-Owonrin
Ogundaowonrin everything including sacrifices, taboos, everything, I also sent an email but I didn’t get any response yet, I will be more happy to hear from you thank

  51. Hi any information on Obaluaye please thanks

  52. Hi, I hope you’re fine!
    I ask about the Annuar reading 2021-2022 which you always upload in your site and Facebook. Thanks for the wisdom you share through your work.

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