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16 Truths of IFA


By Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land

Oyeku Ofun Temple


1. This is a benevolent Universe

On this Odu Ifa Oyekulogbe says:

A tree knot fears no rain


The ruler who created the well-balanced Earth that cannot be broken up

When planning to establish a market on the water…

2. You need have no fear

On this, Odu Ifa Ogbeofun says this:

Oluwowo ji

He was the Awo who cast Ifa for iku, death

And revealed same for eeru, fear

He also cast Ifa for Orúnmìlà

When in the midst of enemies

When he was in constant fear of ajogun, evil forces

He was advised to offer sacrifice

He complied

If I see death, sickness, loss, litigation, etc. I will crush them

Join us where we offer sacrifice to overcome enemies

Both death and fear have no power over us…

3. There is a single Creative Force ( OLODUMARE )

On this, Odu Ifa Okanran Owonrin says:

The one whose influence spreads around the world

The one whose presence flows through every land

The one who spreads the mat perpetually

Ifa’s message to OLODUMARE AGOTUN…

4. There is no Devil

Sacred Odu Ifa Ogbeate teaches us:

If the lifetime of the wicked is enjoyable

His death and afterlife will be unpleasant

Success cannot be achieved with wickedness

For it to be smooth and peaceful

Cast Ifa for Otito, Truth

The offspring of he who walks with gentility…

5. It is your birthright to be joyful, successful, and loved

On this, sacred Odu Ifa Ejiogbe says:

He who robes the child to befit the child

He who robes a child with the utmost of care

He who wakes early in the morning and holds the robes of prosperity

He who looks after the Earth, this is the name of IFA

It is whoever you look with your eye of compassion that is blessed with prosperity

Ifa let me be blessed with prosperity

6. Heaven is “home” and Earth “the marketplace.” We are in constant passage between the two

Sacred Odu Ifa Otura Owonrin says:

The wise ones know those secretly shooting arrows at others

The villagers know the city dwellers

The living and the dead, they know each other

The living and the dead

They will see each other when the time comes

The ants will never disperse for them not to meet and assemble again

Ifa’s messages to the people of the world

When they were mourning the dead

Where people come from, they shall return

The one who sent us has called us back home…

7. You are part of the Universe in a literal, not figurative way

On this sacred Odu Ifa Osagunleja teaches us:

May the dew burst out quickly

May the dew burst out rapidly

May the dew burst out continuously

And be so vast throughout the expanse

These were the declarations of Ifa for Origun

When going to coordinate the creation the vast expanse of the Universe…

8. Character determines outcome

Odu Ifa Irosunogunda says:

Dog is beautiful with its teeth

Ram is beautiful with its mane

Dog does not have a mane

Let one go home to fetch a ram

For sacrifice to one’s Egungun

Ifa’s declaration to Ori Inu, Character

Also to Ori Ode, Destiny

Ori Inu, my character, please have mercy

Do not destroy Ori Ode, my destiny

It is character that is important…

9. Supremacy is evil

On this Odu Ifa Obaraofun says:

The farm house with thatched roof

A big snake prostrates and crawls about on its chest

Ifa’s declaration to the three Babalawo

Also to the six advisors

When they were fighting for superiority in Ife land

They were advised to offer ebo

Only the Babalawos complied

Now, who is superior?

IFA is superior…

10. You must never initiate harm to another human being

Odu Ifa Iwori Owonrin says this:

Whoever we extend our favor to

But who fails to appreciate it

Do not inflict any wickedness on such a person

If you do him any harm

The wickedness will pain him

It is only the favor that he will not remember…

11. You must never harm the Universe of which you are a part

Sacred Odu Ifa Iworiogbe says this:

If a fowl drinks water

It sings praise to Olorun (GOD / Ruler of Creation)

Ifa’s declaration to the Dove

When in want of children…

12. There can be no discrimination

On this sacred Odu Ifa Oseoturupon says this:

For years the elephant had been roving

The elephant was never hit with the javelin

For months the buffalo was wandering

The buffalo had not slipped into a ditch

A person who does not appreciate the value of a fellow human being

Who does not recognize the importance of another human being

A person who is not well learned

Is the one who will say a woman does not amount to anything in life…

13. Diversity is the hallmark of the Oludumare’s ( God’s) creation

On this Odu Ifa Ejiodi says this:

Odidi kirimukirimu

Awo of Ori

Cast Ifa for Ori

When Ori was living in isolation

He was asked to offer sacrifice

He complied

Eyes came, eyes came to stay with Ori

Kerekere, my Ori will no longer be in isolation

Ear came, ear came to stay with Ori

Kerekere, my Ori will no longer be in isolate

Nose came, nose came to stay with Ori

Kerekere, my Ori will not longer be in isolation

Mouth came, mouth came to stay with Ori

Kerekere, my Ori will not longer be in isloation

14. You select your Destiny and Guardian Orisa

Odu Ifa Ogbe Obara says this:

We knelt down and chose our destinies

On getting to Earth, we are in too much of a hurry

Destiny cannot be re-chosen unless we reincarnate

Declaration of Ifa to Edo

Who one who will paddle humans from heaven…

15. Divination provides the road map to your Destiny

Sacred Odu Ifa Oturupon Owonrin says on this topic:

Ifa says whenever we wake up

We should be teaching each other wisdom

We should not wake at the crack of dawn

And lay a foundation of foolishness

Whatever we deliberate upon

That cannot be resolved

There is the need to consult IKIN IFA…

16. Balance, growth and wisdom are your goals

On this, sacred Odu Ifa Idingbe says:

The Awo who is small and inexperienced is the Awo of today

The Awo who is mature and capable is the Awo of tomorrow

The banana is the one that sits by the book and lives majestically

The Awo of He-Who-Knows-Today-And-Tomorrow

These are the declarations of Ifa to Oni-loju-pon-mi-mo, My-suffering-ends-today

Child of Agbonniregun

When coming from Heaven to Earth

He was advised to offer sacrificed

He complied

Now, my suffering ends today

By tomorrow it will turn to convenience

My suffering truly ends today

By tomorrow it will turn to convenience…


(OUR TEMPLE’S “16 TRUTHS of IFA” are a modified version of
the original version, by Baba Philip Neimark @ Ifa Foundation of North America)

7 thoughts on “16 Truths of IFA

  1. ifa is the origin

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  3. Please i Need to know my corpus, i will be glad if you could do that for me. My name is moshood Abeeb, born june 12 1994.

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  5. These 16 Tenets are a perfect synopsis that provide a clear summary of the foundation of our fsith.
    If those Odu could also be presented in Yoruba, tjat would also be good and add more leverage to the protocols

  6. I would like to be initiated to ifa but I want to know the repercussions before doing so. Please can you tell me about the repercussions?

  7. How can I join the IFA tradition religion. I want to be a member pls

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