Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

8 thoughts on “Edun Ara – Sango Stone

  1. i have edun ara but i dont what to do it, because i dont want to go against the taboo.

  2. Is edun ara not meteorite that fall from space after a mighty blast that resemble a thunder? A big Meteor breaks up into chunks after entering the earth atmosphere. I believe this is what we called edun ara.

  3. Nonsense, no material object has any power until a qualified priest or priestess consecrates it. This is African tradition. Endun Ara stones are collected as soon as they fall in Nigeria land and qualified Sango priests consecrate them with special chants and bata rhythms besides that its just an exotic stone. Nothing more, nothing less. Ase, ase, ase, ooo.

    • Ogbo Ato.
      These are EDUN ARA collected in Nigeria by SANGO Priests and Priestesses. If you will like more information please email me.
      IRE O

      • Thanks Baba, I wasn’t implying that these stones you are selling aren’t authentic but spreading the information about how these Edun Ara stones come about. Meaning without our priests and priestesses, human souls, blessing these stones, that they are just exotic stones. The power of the Irunmole, who are our ancestors, lie within us. I’m hoping our people will seek qualified priests and priestesses, such as yourself for extended training in the traditions. No object, machine, or book can replace a human being. Sango is always fiery, please understand. Ase, ase, ase, ooo.

      • “The power of the Irunmole, who are our ancestors, lie within us. ”
        Ase O!

      • Good day sir, pls how do we know original edu ara

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