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Itadogun — 11/16/2011

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E pele o, I greet you all with peace,
I’m sorry for the late post. This past Itadogun, IFA foretold of troubles with enemies and false accusations for us here at Oyeku Ofun Temple.

IFA says on this:
Won ndunrunmo kosekoro Bopetiti elesan a ma san fun awon Adunrunmo ni
a difa fun Olabosipo eni aye nfi oju ika wo
won niki o wa rubo ki ile le ma ba mu awon ota re
o gbo ru

They had been falsely accusing a man who was innocent of crimes
after a long time the avenger would take vengeance on the false accusers
cast IFA for Olabosipo, the one who the people saw as a wicked man
he was asked to sacrifice so that his enemies would be captured by the forces of the earth
he heard and he sacrificed

This IFA speaks of an innocent person, Olabosipo, who was wrongfully accused of many bad things. Olabosipo was innocent, but they continued to say they were involved in terrible activities. The town knew Olabosipo to be of decent character, but still believed the lies and false accusations of his enemies.
Olabosipo was eventually pushed over the edge so to speak, and he  lost his temper. He went after his enemies. Olabosipo waited for his accusers in the dark and ambushed them, beating them and causing them great physical harm. Now the once-innocent Olabosipo is no longer innocent in that he brought harm to those who were accusing him. Now the town had physical evidence of his evil-doings and reason to think badly of him for harming his enemies, although before this incident he had done no harm to anyone.
Now caught in a bind with no one to turn to, Olabosipo consults a couple of Babalawo, who reveal to him the Ebo to be made to capture his enemies and protect his good name. He complies and makes the sacrifice.

Yesterday Ebo was made on behalf of the entire Oyeku Ofun Temple so we may all overcome our enemies, both the physical ones and the spiritual ones.
Also IFA enjoins us to offer eba (cassava porridge), epo pupa (palm oil), oti (gin), and some iyo (salt) to our Ikin IFA this week.

Aboru Aboye Abosise
May we see gbogbo Ire and may IFA protect and provide for us these coming weeks. Ase O

[Next Itadogun will be on 12/2/2011]

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