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Itadogun — 12/2/2011

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12/2/2011 – Itadogun

Aboru Aboye Abosise Gbogbo Awo,
This Itadogun the Odu IFA that has come for Oyeku Ofun Temple is Owonrinsidin (Owonrin Odi). IFA warns us of potential troubles with the law or courts.
We must make the sacrifice and we must be upright in our actions, especially in business transactions, so as to avoid legal troubles. And above all else we must not steal, and we should return any things that we may have borrowed or taken in the past.

On this IFA says:
Gbadan Gbasibe
Biabani ki a fohun folohun
Ire li igba
A difa fun Oke a bu f’Apo
A niki enikookan won wa rubo ki omo araye ba le ma feran won
Won rubo
Won ni: To abariwon eniti nfi ohun folohun ko ma ye ni lowo

Hold this thing
keep it safe
If u are asked, this thing shuld be produced on demand
This is credtworthy
Cast IFA for the baskets and the bags
Each was asked to make sacrifice so that the people would continue to love them
They made the sacrifice
It was declared that anyone who returned things to their owners would always prosper.

Please offer some oti (gin) to your IFA as well as three obi abata (kolanuts) for each member of your house/family. Here we will be making further Ebo as well on the entire community’s behalf so we may not see troubles these coming weeks and so we will all continue to be loved and cherished. May we all have a wonderful next 17 days and may we all be blessed with Ire Gbogbo (all blessings of life). Ase

IFA a dowo le wa o. May IFA protect us.
Ase Ase Ase o

[Next Itadogun will be 12/18/2011]

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