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5/10/2012 Itadogun

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5/10/2012 Itadogun

This Itadogun, Ifa says that all the expected mothers in our communities will deliver their babies safely and that next year, they will be carrying the babies on their backs. Ifa says that we must offer sacrifice so that any war which may occur in the future will not effect our mothers and children.

On this Ifa says:
Oturupon Osa a difa fun won ni Ilara
won ni iye omotitun ti a bi ninu odun ti a pon won sare ogun
won ni: kinni Ebo?
Won ko ru u

Oturupon Osa was divined for the people of Ilara
They said all the babies born that year would be carried on their mothers’ backs when running away from battle.
The people asked what is the sacrifice
They did not offer the sacrifice

This Ese Ifa tells us of a time when many people were expecting children and Ifa was cast for the entire town. The Awo’s said that the people would deliver the babies well but that there is imminent danger facing the newborns, as a war was about to reach the town in the coming year. The Awo’s said that the people must make sacrifice with bananas, shea butter, and epo pupa, but the people refused to make the sacrifice. The war reached the town and many people, women and children included, were killed in the battle.

This Itadogun, Ifa enjoins us to prepare offerings of ripe bananas, shea butter, and epo pupa (palm oil) and to place these offerings with ESU.

May the Irunmole provide for us and protect us these coming weeks. Ase.

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