Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

June 2012 Ifa/Orisha Calendar:


1 Sango/Oya
2 Obatala
3 Ifa/Osun
4 Ogun
5 Sango/Oya
6 Obatala
7 Ifa/Osun
8 Ogun
9 Sango/Oya
10 Obatala
11 Ifa/Osun **
12 Ogun
13 Sango/Oya
14 Obatala
15 Ifa/Osun
16 Ogun
17 Sango/Oya
18 Obatala
19 Ifa/Osun
20 Ogun
21 Sango/Oya
22 Obatala
23 Ifa/Osun
24 Ogun
25 Sango/Oya
26 Obatala
27 Ifa/Osun **
28 Ogun
29 Sango/Oya
30 Obatala

** = Itadogun

2 thoughts on “June 2012 Ifa/Orisha Calendar:

  1. I have a questions Baba.. I have for yrs been around the IFA community. And have also met many high ranking Babalowes.. My question involves Ori.. And it’s connection to Consciousness, levels of, and the psychological ramifications thereof.. It would seem that IFA is a Ori System. Revealing ODU and the corresponding Orisha and prescribed remedy.. My question is: THIS REMEDY ALWAYS SPEAKS TO AN EXTERNAL FACTOR. Never a INNER WORK. Truly if there is no Inner work, or change as Ebo.. How can one find true Destiny..

    • Aboru Aboye Abosise
      you are correct. We know from Odu Ifa Ogundameji that no Orisa can bless one without consent of one’s Ori.
      You are also correct in that it is essential to be making positive changes internally, and externally. In fact the two are entirely interrelated. we know this as we say praise to our Ori’s and chant: May our inner heads not spoil our outer heads.
      Ifa says that sacrifice is what will help trigger and fuel those changes in one’s life. Ifa teaches us that through Ebo, we can achieve all good things in life. We even know from Owonrinmeji, that Ebo is more effective than medicine.
      I hope this provides some insight into your questions.
      Ifa a gbe wa o – May Ifa support us. Ase o

      Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode

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