Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

Itadogun 6/11/2012

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Itadogun 6/11/2012

This Itadogun, Ifa says that things for us will be exceptionally sweet for our community. We will have very good and enjoyable upcoming weeks. Ifa says that we must offer sacrifice of 2 obi abata, gin/liquor, and salt to our Ikin Ifa in order to ensure that we will see the sweetness these coming weeks.

Sacred Odu Ifa Otura Ofun says:
Otura funfunfun
Awo Oyin lo dia f’Oyin
Otura funfunfun
Awo Ado lo dia f’Ado
Otura funfunfun
Awo Ifunfun lo dia fun Ifunnfun
Aye awon le dun ni won ndafa si
Ebo ni won ni ki won waa se
Won gb’ebo, won ru’bo
Ile Oyin ma n ho o
Ti Ado n yo
Ifunnfun naa o tile gbele

Otura funfunfun, the white Otura
He cast Ifá for Oyin, the Honey
Otura funfunfun
He cast Ifá for Ado, Sugar-honey
Otura funfunfun
He cast Ifá for Ifunnfun, (another type of honey)
When willing to know if their lives will be sweet or not
They were advised to offer ebo
They complied
The home of honey is filled with sweetness
That of Ado is also sweet
There is no bitterness in the home of Ifunnfun

May there be no bitterness in our homes these coming weeks. May the Irunmole protect us. May we see the sweetness of Olodumare. Ase O.

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