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Itadogun 10/1/2012

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Itadogun 10/1/2012

This Itadogun, Ifa warns us against earthly enemies and their evil plans. Ifa says that our things will be well and that we will overcome them, but we must make sacrifice. The enemies want to see us suffer, maybe even die, but Ifa says that Esu will protect us and even bring the intended harm to our enemies instead of to us.

On this Ifa says:

Atekathe priest of Okra

Casts divination for Okra crying because of children

He was asked to perform sacrifice such that he would bear children

Atekathe priest of Garden egg

Casts divination for Garden egg

The Garden egg was crying because he has no child

He was asked to take care of the ground and perform sacrifice for children

Atekathe priest of Spinners

Casts divination for the Spinners

He was crying because of children

They told him he would have so many children

But should perform the sacrifice for children

The three of then heard about the sacrifice

They performed it

But they were warned to also perform sacrifice for

earthly enemies

Because of the children they would have

You all should observe the sacrifice before the arrival of the children’ the Bala;wo said

Once I have babies’

Every other thing is trivial’ Okra said

There is no problem, the priest said

The Okra started to have children

The whole world was filled

But when the children of the Garden egg grows to maturity

They would cut him into two halves also with a knife

Man would boil it with melon seeds

And cook it in soup

They would eat them

But the Spinners alone observed the sacrifice

And till tomorrow

No one dares cook the Spinners for food

He is the only one that sacrificed eight hundred


Esu then fixed some of the needles on his body

If anyone attempts to touch him or his children

It would pinch their hands

The Spinners then started to dance and rejoice

He was praising his Babaláwo

His Babaláwo was praising Ifá

They said it was as their Babaláwo had said

Atekathe priest of Okra casts divination for Okra He was asked to perform sacrifice such that he would bear children

He offered sacrifice and he started bearing children

But he was asked to sacrifice against earthly enemies

He heard about the sacrifice yet did not perform it

Ateka priest of Garden eggs casts divination for

Garden eggs

Garden eggs also crying because of barrenness

He was asked to take care of the ground and perform sacrifice for children

He performed the sacrifice and started having children

He was afterwards asked to sacrifice against enemies

He refused and did not perform the sacrifice of earthly enemies

Ateka the priest of Spinners casts divination for the Spinners

He sacrificed for the child bearing and for earthly enemies

Who is at the back observing all the sacrifices?

The Spinners

Is the one at the back and observing sacrifices

The Spinners

Ifa recommends the sacrifice of many, many needles and opolopo epo pupa (a lot of red palm oil) be made to Esu Odara to ensure that our things will be good and that our enemies’ evil plans are not able to come to fruition.
Ifa segun ota wa. Ifa will conquer our enemies, this week and for all time. Ase O

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