Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

Happy New Year

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Happy new year to all!
Please lets be making Ebo this year so we will overcome all problems we face, as individuals, as a society, and as a global community. On this Ifa says:

Iwo Oye
Emi Oye
Oye sese nlaa bo loke
Won se bojumo ni nmo
A difa feja
Ti somo won lale odo
Won ni keja o rubo
Sugbon ko rubo araye
Ko ru
Oni bawo lawon ota
Se lee riran rawon omo oun lale odo
O pawo lekee
O p Esu lole
O worun yanyan bi eni ti o nii ku
O koti ogboin sebo
Ngba tomo araye dide
Won nawo he oko ada ati ogbun
Won se odo
Won si bere sii gbon on
Igba ti omi tan leyin eja ati awon omoo re
Ni awon omo araye ba mu won
Won si fi won leri iyan
Ase Esu ni ko je ki
Awon omo eja o lee tan laye
Sugbon titi doni olonii
Awon omo araye nko awon omo eja ni

You are the light
I am the light
When it is first appearing in the sky
But the people thought it was already daybreak
Cast Ifa for the fish
Offspring of the river’s bed
Fish was told to perform sacrificial rituals
They said that fish would have many children
But she was warned to perform sacrifice to prevent the attacks of human beings
She refused to comply
She said it is not possible for her enemies
To see her children at the river’s bed
She took the Ifa priests as liars
She called Esu a thief
She looked fearfully to the Heavens as if she will never die
She turned a deaf ear to the warnings to make sacrificial rite
When human beings go up
The took hoe, cutlass, and a big calabash
They dammed the river
And drained off the water
When there was no water left to cover fish and her children
Human beings took them
And put them on top of pounded yam
It was the commandment of Esu
Which prevented the complete annihilation of all fish species from the earth.

With the making of Ebo, the Irunmole will protect us and our children. Ase Olodumare

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