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Ifa on the Conglomeration of Blessings

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…All the goodness and wellbeing became cluster in harmony
Sikan ni mogun (Sikan are tiny little insects cover Ogun shine)
An anthill is the abode for emmets
Groups of human beings cluster together
The creations of the planets were manifest in clusters
Likewise that of the heavens
The totality of creations in cluster began since the beginning of time
Human hair cluster together and situate on the head
Human beard cluster together and turn thick and bushy
Drops of water cluster together to become mighty seas
Brooks cluster together to become lagoons
Trees clump together to become forest
Grasses clump together become a savannah land
Stars cluster together and situate in heavens
Hornets group together to reside on the wall of a house
The red ants cluster together on the ground
The nest of aladi insects is never bereft of occupants
An anthill is never empty of emmets
Bees cluster as swarms
Ado cluster as swarms
Eeran grasses grow in clumps in the farmhouse
Elegiiri usually fly in flocks
A large number of people moving together is an army
Banyan plants are found in tufts
Esu, locusts devour plants in plagues
Maggots are found clustering together in their abode
Yaya insects are equally found clustered in Anthill
The white ants are found clustered in large anthill
Ekunkun are also found clustered in the water
Oore plants are found in clusters at the riverside
Dragonflies move in plagues
Adosusu plant does not grow in singles but in tufts
A heap of earth for planting is seen in clusters
Akaraba fish
When it feeds in the water
All other fishes go follow it in droves
Lo, the maker of this perfect order, Alasuwada, I beseech you
Please send a conglomerate of good essences
And bring abundant blessings and ire to me
If one Ori is good
It will extend to 200 others
The Ori of Origun the creator is blessed
And it affects me positively
If one Ori is blessed
It extends to 200 others
My Ori that is blessed
Has affected you positively
Your Ori that is blessed
Has equally affected me positively
If one Ori is blessed
It will affect 200 others

One thought on “Ifa on the Conglomeration of Blessings

  1. Ase o!

    What a wonderful Ese this is. Fagbemijo please it would be a pleasure if you can include the Odu Ifa that these Ese come from.

    Thank you very much!!!

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