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From Elebuibon

Kalanchoe has strong leaf
Prickly spinach has a strong foot to walk
Look at an ear of a leper
They are both the same
Ifa divination was performed for Orunmila

The day he is going to take Oro modi modi as a wife Oro modi modi
is otherwise known as Odu, or Olofin. This is a sacred name for
every Ifa Priest. She was regarded as mother of all Ifa Priest’s
wives. Odu or Oro modi modi became Orisa after she got married
to Orunmila.
One day during the week day of Ifa Ose, Orunmila and some of his
devotees were at the temple, and in the process of the Kolanutceremony.
It came out that Orunmila would receive a guest and that this guest was
an important spiritual woman. It was revealed that Orunmila must be
careful in entertaining her; also he must obey her instructions.
As soon as they finished the week day celebration,the visitor entered
the house of Ifa. Orunmila welcomed her, giving her a warm reception.
The woman was impressed by the way Orunmila received her and promised
to help Orunmila in all his big tasks. She also wanted to marry him and
gave Orunmila several conditions that if Orunmila married her she must
have her own private room. Nobody must take light to see her face.
Nobody must eat with her. She must not see Orunmila’s other wives’ faces.
Also, they must not see her face.
This woman was not beautiful. She had spots all over her face and body.
Orunmila did not like the idea of marrying her at first,but when he
remembered what Ifa had said he agreed to marry this woman, because she
would be helpful to him in the future.
This was what made Orunmila call all his wives and give them warning
that they should not open the door where Oro modi modi was living,that
nobody should bring light in there. When they prepared her food, they were
to put the food on the floor in front of her room. She would take the food
inside herself.
One day, one of the Orunmila wives decided to open the door to see the
woman because she wondered how come she was forbidden from putting her
eyes on the one whom she gave food every day. It was at night when
Orunmila was not at home she brought a lamp(Fitila) to look into eyes
of Oro modi modi. The guest was more than angry when she saw the light.
She was furious, and she put a spell on the wife of Orunmila so that she
died instantly. Orunmila was restless and realized through signs that
something was happening at home; he found his wife’s corpse on the ground,
and Oro modi modi disappeared. Orunmila chanted Iyere poetry to call her,
he said:

Kalanchoe has strong leaf
Chorus Hin-in (yes)
Prickly spinach has a strong foot to walk
Look at the ear of the leper
And look at Kalanchoe’s leaf
They are both equal.
Ifa divination was performed for Orunmila
The day he is going to take Oro modi modi as wife
Oro modi modi
I did not vow with you to kill my wife
And Oro modi modi replies, she says:
Kalanchoe has strong leaf
Prickly spinach has strong a foot to walk
Look at the ear of lepers
And look at Kalanchoe’s leaf
They are equal
Ifa divination was performed for you
The day you would like to marry me
Oro modi modi as your wife
I did not vow with you to put light on my face
Orunmila Oooo
Eeee Orunmila I did not vow with you to put light on my face.

Now it was clear to Orunmila that one of his wives had broken
the taboo and that was the reason she died.
Odu, Oro modi modi,refused to come back to live with Orunmila.
She preferred to remain in spirit and guide and protect Orunmila
showing light to the darkness of Orunmila’s life. She promised
to bless him and she gave warning that whenever and Ifa Priest
is receiving Odu or Olofin, there must not be any woman around,
and that food for him must not be prepared by women and that all
Ifa Priests who receive Olofin or Odu are supreme and powerful
Ifa Priest. Until today that is why a woman must not see Odu,or

Reference: Ofunmeji

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