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Itadogun 8/1/2013 for Oyeku Ofun Temple

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Itadogun 8/1/2013 for Oyeku Ofun Temple

On this Itadogun (Ifa worship date), Ifa says that we must keep pushing forward on our paths, and that we must keep progressing. Ifa says we should all be grateful and happy to be alive. We should be basking in the light of all creation. Also we should be loving and kind to all those around us.

Ifa says that in praising Olodumare through the Orisa, we will all see prosperity and success. Ifa says we should make offering: (1) to Ifa with one obi abata (kolanut), one eja Ifa (dried fish), and ataare (guinea pepper), and (2) to Osun (Oshun) with gin, one obi abata, and honey.

On this Ifa says:
If we do not die young we will be happy
If we live long in poverty it brings sadness
Anytime death comes let us be greatful to god
That is policy of the truthful person
This were the declaration of Ifa to the six elders
When they were going to Ife to ask questions from Orunmila
Why was human beings dies
Orunmila responded that Olodumare used death as benevolence for human beings
Any river that does not flow forward
And does not flow backward
That river has become a pond
And the pond is full of filth
The river is carrying them forward
And the river is carrying them backward
Let the invalid go and bring a new body back to the world

Ifa explains part of the mystery of death — Ifa says that those who do not continue to progress and grow will become stagnant. Ifa says that death is actually a benevolent service of renewal and that we should be giving thanks to Olodumare, even when one dies. Ifa says that dying a process by where one leaves their current body and returns to Orun (Heavens) and comes back to life in a new, healthy body with a fresh start. Ifa tells us this process of coming to and from the spiritual world to the physical world is much like the flow of a river.

May Olodumare protect us, heal us, and keep us in the land of the living until our missions on Earth are complete. Ase O

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Osunyemi Fakayode,
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple

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