Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

Oyaseye’s Odun Oya 2013

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Iya Oyaseye’s Odun OYA / Annual OYA Festival 2013




Saturday, August 3rd, We are inviting everyone and anyone to come and greet Orisha Oya at Oyeku Ofun Temple. It will be in honor of Oyaseye’s Odun Oya, her Oya festival as we celebrate 2 years since her life devotion to Oya. On Saturday, between the hours of 12:00 noon- 2:00, we invite you to bring offerings, prayers or donations to Oya. If you are seeking change or blessings in your life, you may also schedule divination and readings with Oya for this weekend.
(for more details, questions, or directions, please contact us at Oyekuofun@yahoo.com Or Call 707 583 9432

Praise to Oya, Winds of the Heavens and Earth
May we be blessed abundantly this year.

Suggested Offerings for Oya:
Cooked Beans
Pounded Yam
Corn Meal
Slimy Veggies
Bean stew


Oya Oriri
Owner of the Place of Worship.
An inhabitant of the city of Ira
Mother who possess honey breast for her Children.
She who is fiercer than her husband.
She who is hot like fire.
She has fire in her pockets.
She wears Fire as her cloth.
The one who blows like fire.
The Fierce Warrior who uses air as her cutlass.
Oya, you have control over the wind.
Oya, you have control over the rain
Mother, you are the bad wind that befalls the evil doer.
You are the powerful wind that will destroy the wicked.
You are the turbulent tornado that collects blessings and drops them at my door step.
When people are asking for Orisha Oya,
Where will they find her?
They will find her at the camwood shop, where she beautifies herself with camwood.
They will find her at the Kola nut shop, breaking kola nuts into her mouth.
They will find her at the bata drum grounds, dancing to the rhythm of Elekoto Beats.
Oya, the neat wife.
You accompany your husband, you stand in the front and he is behind.
Brave Woman, guide us, protect us, and bring us all blessings in life.

The Queen of Nupe

Oya is the winds of change. The change that blows through our lives and pushes us to places that we never though we could go. Oya is the turbulent tornado that swipes away blessings from the evil doers and drops them at the door steps of her children. Oya is that gentle breeze that caresses your spirit and cleanses your soul.
Nothing strikes faster than Lightening. Oya holds the lightening bolt as she is the mother and ruler of the storms. She fights side by side with her Husband Sango, the thunder king. She is the electrical discharge that can quickly strike a fatal blow.She is the mother of Egungun, The Ancestors. She protects the Ancestor Society. In Cuba she is known as the one who guards the gates of the Cemetery.

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