Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

Itadogun 9/2/2013

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Itadogun 9/2/2013

This Itadogun Ifa says that we should all be making sacrifices to avoid any potential losses this coming 16 days. Ifa says that we will overcome by offering a sacrifice to ESU with the following prescribed ebo: one bowl of amala, one bowl of soup, other food items, money, and ayo seeds. You can give the monetary offering to ESU by giving some money to a beggar.

On this Ifa says:
Okebeebee, The diviner of the world
Divined Ifa for the Ayo Game and the children.
They were advised that they should always play the Ayo Game.
Playing with children, one can share their joy.
This was Ifa divined for a rich man
who was very unhappy.
Invite people to your home to party to avert sorrow.

May we overcome all negative forces this coming 16 days and every Itadogun. Ase O

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