Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

FAITH IS UNNECESSARY BECAUSE IFA GIVES US EXPERIENCE by Baba Awurela Adeloni Fakayode (Babalawo Osetura)

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by Babalawo Awurela Adeloni Fakayode (Babalawo Osetura)

IFA teaches us that we must take full responsible for what we do. We must be of good, noble and gentle character (Iwa Pele) if we are to arrive our destinies. A Babalawo/ Iyanifa/ Babalorisa/Iyalorisa can only perform divination interpreting through the divination tools may it be meringdilogun, opele, ikins telling us what are the necessary sacrifices that we should offer and to which energy that will ensure a betterment in our lives. The Ifa or Orisa priest or priestess, there duties are not to accept responsibility for our actions. Devotees are to examine there own actions and desires to determine if they reflect good character before we act on them.

IFA does not require faith; it gives us experience. Religions that require faith do so because they promise only suffering in this life with the joy and reward to be found in the next world after death. IFA does not promise we will have joy after we die and suffering while we live; it says we can have the joy right now. Each of us receives the experience when we make the ebo to the energy and see the results. Did we get that new job offer after we worked with Esu? Did someone new come into our lives or our current relationships improve after we gave honey to Osun? This is the experience we have that makes faith unnecessary.

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