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Orisa is Orisa, Regardless of Where It Is Being Practiced


Orisa is Orisa, regardless of where it is being practiced.

Ifa states in the sacred odu Otura Obara:

“…mo na oke okun, ko sile to wa, ti ko mo Ifa o.”

Translation: “…I have been to overseas countries, there is no land which exists, where Ifa is not known.”

And in sacred odu Ogbe Ofun:

“…gbogbo aye loju Ifa wa o…Orisa to fi gbogbo aye soju ororii re tan patapata…”

Translation: “…Ifa’s grove and shrine exist all over the world…The Orisa designated the entire world as their grove and shrine…”

The differences in practice between different Orisa groups is to be expected. Different homes will do things slightly differently and we need to respect that. There are differences in practices and opinions between different locales and iles, both the diaspora as well as back at home.

We must be respectful of the differences, not allow them to pull our community apart. We should acknowledge these differences, but never allow them to separate us or stop us from doing Ifa/Orisa work together as a community. Regardless of any differences, we need to work together as a community.

May the Irunmole bring us all together as a family! Ase ooo

2 thoughts on “Orisa is Orisa, Regardless of Where It Is Being Practiced

  1. Ase-o!

    • This is Chief IyaNifa Osun Monife
      balewa. I love your site. It is beautiful and yu are freely giviing good information which is so very welcome and needed. As you say, Ifa is Ifa no matter where you are. the truth and the beauty of that in which we believe is unquestionable and will survive the false prophets and the naysayers. I salute your ori..

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