Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship


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On this IFA Day, IFA says we should beware of fighting/argument. IFA says that for our own peace of mind, we should be going out of our way to avoid any arguments. We should be open with those who are close to us in order to avoid disharmony in our relationships. IFA says that we should be all making an offering of 2 snails to ESU.
On this IFA says:
Oturupon’rosu ariwo ni
Cast IFA for Delumo
She was warned that her husband would disturb her
But if she made sacrifice her husband would give her peace of mind
The sacrifice: 2 snails
She heard and she made the sacrifice
They said: “Two snails never fight”

May our offerings be accepted in OLODUMARE. Ashe O

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