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ITADOGUN 7/6/2015


ITADOGUN 7/6/2015

This Itadogun IFA speaks to us on the blessings of longevity. IFA says that we should all be appeasing OGUN LAKAYE with three blades, corn, beans, salt, beer, red palm oil, and cool water. IFA says that OGUN will strengthen us so we can live long in this life.
On this IFA says:
Whoever is fast is usually assisted by OGUN to be victorious during fights
One who can neither fight well nor speak well cannot survive for long on this Earth
Fighting can bring a person wealth and honor
Cast IFA for Ogungbemi (OGUN-supports-me)
Who was advised
That even if he did not feel bold enough to challenge an opponent to fight
That he should never run away
It is the powerful who enjoy the world
Nobody respects the weak
It is the brave who control the world
People do not pay attention to the cowards
He was told to make sacrifice
So he would become stronger inside and out…

May OLODUMARE, through the powers of the IRUNMOLE, help us to also become stronger inside and out. May we too live long, conquering all of life’s challenges and seeing all blessings in OLODUMARE. Ase

Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple

3 thoughts on “ITADOGUN 7/6/2015

  1. “War has brought about wealth but no peace”. It is not a coward who refuses to fight because some of our greatest and beloved refused to fight . The rewards are in our spirit world not in this material world . If Ifa speaks of World Peace than we must not take this information on a material level.

    • Alaafia and Aboru Aboye. The fight in this verse is not necessarily speaking on fighting another human being — in this verse IFA may very well be speaking to us on “the fight to live”. All of life is a struggle and if we do not struggle onward, we cannot live to see tomorrow. IFA says that those who are cowards, and choose to hide and not face the challenges of life, will fail in their missions while those who have courage to “fight” the battles/struggles that life presents to us will live to see another struggle. IFA says that we should all be appeasing OGUN to help strengthen us for all that life presents us.

  2. Thank you and the powers of Ifa that guide you.
    Can you explain the symbolism of the materials for ebo to Ogun? The three blades are they to proctect us in our spiritual struggle, aligning with Ori in Heaven and on earth and being guided by that protection?
    Corn and beans ,is it because they grow with others or the many graces us with more lives?
    Salt to ward off ngativity, Palm oil to strengthen us, water to cool and calm us?
    When I venerate I like to have the deep understanding of not just asking for long life but how I fullfill my long life as i struggle-i will be courageous bc Ogun go before me, protects me from behind, above ,below and on the right and left sides of me as Ogunyomi.
    Alafia Iya Gwendolyn Ifakayode Ola Obi Ifa

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