Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship


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IFA divination will be performed every Itadogun (every 17 days) and information will be posted detailing what offerings should be made following each Itadogun.


On this Itadogun, IFA warns us against untimely death. IFA says we should all be upright and doing only good things IFA says that we must never participate in evil activities. IFA says that we should all be making an offering to ESU ODARA with corn pap and pounded yam.
On this IFA says:
Orunmila declares that it is a matter of transformation
Ifa says we need to right the wrongs
When the yam transforms, it becomes pounded yam
When the maize transforms, it becomes corn meal
When the corn meal transforms, it becomes pap
These were Ifa’s declarations to Orunmila
When going to mend the life of Olofin
He was advised to offer Ebo
He complied
Before long, not too far
Join us in the midst of all Ire

May Olodumare guide and guard us. Ase

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple

One thought on “ITADOGUN READING 8/23/2015

  1. Abour Abore Abosese thank you for doing dafa for us . I am blessed to be your friend. Love and Blessings Always Ordugunwa Ifaoma Fakayode. Aseooo

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