Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship




This Itadogun, IFA warns us all against untimely death. IFA speaks to us about faithfulness and adultery. IFA says that adultery is wrong and as IFA adherents we must not be involved in such. IFA says that all those who have been unfaithful to their spouse must desist from doing that immediately and rethink their values and their choices. IFA says that all those contemplating cheating should certainly not do so. They too should rethink their values as well. IFA says that those who ignore this will not live long this time around.
IFA says that we should all be making an offering with beans and plenty of red palm oil to ESU ODARA.
On this IFA says:
The corn meal walked nakedly into the market
Ifa’s message for the inhabitants of Bantata land
Where they were caressing another person’s wife
They were advised to offer Ebo
They failed to comply
Before long, not too far
Come and see how the prediction of Ifa had come to pass

May Olodumare guide and guard us. Ase

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Osunyemi Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple

2 thoughts on “9/24/2015 ITADOGUN READING

  1. A ku Itadogun o Baba Awo; please I want to hear more about Batanta Land. Could it be Sodom & Gomorrah of those days that was gutted in fire by the anger of Olodumare. Also, regarding adultery; is it possible to be punished by Ęlęda if a woman refuses to disclose her marital status to a man in the course of a loving relationship. In other words, some married women do lie to men that they are not married. So, if one engage in such intimate relationship, who is to blame. Not too long ago, a man was killed by a husband because the àlè was found on top of the wife in the man’s home. I’m sure no right-thinking man would feel comfortable doing it in another man’s house. So, what came to mind was that Èsù used the woman to cut the man’s life short. Lastly what does Ifa instruct us about mágùn and Téşo… for instance, can one use Tęso as a means of abstinence from infidelity. I’m strongly against magun because it’s deadly.

    Ę seun BabaAwo; #IfaWouldAlwaysGbeWaO, AşęWaaa…!!!

  2. Aboruboye Awo. What odu did this appear from, please?

    Apetebii Ma’Ye☆Oriyomi

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