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Teaching Children to Care

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Praise to Iya Oyaseye Fakayode for sharing this:

Oyaseye's Creation Station

It is a very interesting time that our children are living in. People are always in want of the next newest “thing”.
It is important for us, raising children in an earth-based spirituality, to talk with our children about the importance of caring for others. It is not the material things that make our worth, but our character and the way we care about the world around us. 

A Yoruba Story, retold by Oyaseye…

3 Fish heads , 3 Crowns

It was a very exciting time. Every Orisha was preparing to travel to heaven in order to celebrate the grand festival held by Olodumare, the supreme creatrix.  Esu, Olodumare’s messenger was traveling every direction to deliver invitations to all the divine energies of the universe, the Orisha.
When Ogun received his  invitation from Eshu,  he shouted with excitement
“I will bring Oloduamare my BEST Machete”
When Sango opened   his invitation…

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