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New Books Available Now From Oyeku Ofun Temple!

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We are proud to present the following two new titles:


Orisa Aje:
Orisa of Immeasurable Wealth

Have you ever wondered why some people are wealthy and others are in rags? It is not just the having or the lack of having of cash tender. We all know of stories of those who rise from rags to riches or of those who fall from riches to rags… There is a mysterious divine force called AJE that is beyond the concept of physical money. In fact, AJE is the very potential force of the energy of wealth itself! This book will look into the mystery of AJE, and leave the reader with a better understanding of what is AJE. We will also explore why and how to propitiate AJE, outlining some basic prayers and rituals to AJE that will help bring betterment and well-being to the practitioner’s life. To get a fuller and more comprehensive understanding of ORISA AJE, we will also explore some Ese Ifa (verses of Odu Ifa) that discuss AJE as well as Oriki for AJE (sacred prayer poetry).

Ifa Medicine


This is a book of medicinal preparations I have compiled from my studies in IFA. This book is designed to help initiated priests and priestesses of IFA to learn the preparations and rituals in the book, and in the process of doing so, the book is also intended to help the reader understand how to decipher the esoteric messages of IFA and how to interpret those messages to make medicine. This book is intended for initiated priests and priestesses of IFA (Babalawo and Iyanifa), and not for the uninitiated. I pray this book reaches many hands and that many
will benefit from the information within it.


One thought on “New Books Available Now From Oyeku Ofun Temple!

  1. Hi my friend any idea when the staff would arrive I am also interested in the Aje book.

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