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Akose Ifa

What is AKOSE IFA?

Akose Ifa

Akose Ifa

“Akose is a form of prayer that is said when the necessary materials or their prepared outcome are available on site.
It can also be described as the combinations of materials used to manipulate a situation.
Akose should always be done on every aspect of life. There are as many Akose as the situations in life. Each situation has uncountable Akose. There are akose for Awure (prosperity), Aseeta (to overcome enemies), Iyonu Aye (for likeness / favor), Ebe Aje (favor from Iyaami), Ikole (to build a home), Aseyori (for accomplishment), Isoye (memory), Aabo (protection), and so on.
Some will call Akose by the name Ayajo.”

High Chief Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode

Akose Ifa

Akose Ifa

8 thoughts on “Akose Ifa

  1. Pls i,m awo but i need akose 4 ile kiko cos i,ve started my house i,ll be thankfull if u can help me sir ogboato oo


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  4. Aboru Aboye. Sir pls I need Akose ifa from my Odu Ogunda-di. From ijo Orunmila Adulawo Shomolu Lagos.

  5. Abure Boye from Venezuelam, Akose to recover money borrowed? Please

  6. I have a question can an Akosebemade
    To bring a man to me in one week this man is trying to sale me one that he says will bring my man to me in one week is this true?

  7. Hello podría ayudarme con los akose mi. Mi odun IFA okana ose se lo agradecería mucho IFA gbao IFA odara ahí les envío mi email and number phone gracias

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