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An Exploration of ODU IFA Book

An Exploration of ODU IFA


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An Exploration of Odu Ifa

An Exploration of Odu Ifa


  • Paperback: 739 pages (with over 1,024 individual verses of Ifa, in Yoruba with English translations)
  • Publisher: Oyeku Ofun Temple; 1ST edition (2013)
  • Language: English (An additional Spanish edition will be released in the near future…)

Containing over 1,024 verses of IFA from all 256 ODU IFA, in English and Yoruba, this book is a much needed resource for all IFA diviners and adherents…

Why Did We Feel The Need To Publish This Book?

“Ifa n gbaye lo ogberi ko mo / Ifa is spreading globally but the nonbelievers are unaware”

This book is for the betterment of IFA and ORISA traditional religion / worship in that our practice, while growing rapidly in many parts of the world, is near suffering for lack of wisdom and knowledge on one of the most crucial and central parts of our traditions – Odu Ifa.
As a very wise Iyanifa once said, without the wisdom of Ifa, we are like children who are lost without our parents. Without the wisdom of Ifa, as passed down orally for many many generations thorough Ese Ifa (Ifa verses), our traditions are like those lost children. We need the wisdom of Ifa to better our lives, and the lives of those around us.

Otura Owonrin teaches us:
“Ifa ni ti ba ji
Ogbon ni ka maa ko ‘raa wa
Ka ma jii ni kutukutu pile e were
Oro ti a ba ro ti ko ba gun
Ikin eni laa kee si…

Ifa says that whenever we wake up
We must be teaching each other wisdom
We must not wake up at dawn and lay the foundation of foolishness
That matter which we deliberated upon but could not arrive at a satisfactory solution
We brought that matter to our Ikin Ifa…”
My prayer is that we will all be continuing to share and spread the wisdom of our Ancestors as passed down through the Ifa corpus. Ase O

Sincerely and with love,
Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadanland

15 thoughts on “An Exploration of ODU IFA Book

  1. Aboru Aboye!!! I am interested in purchasing An Exploration Of Odu Ifa… I am a future Awo, and I love reading the poetry and understanding the lesson within the Odu Ifa. May Olodumare, Orunmila, the Orisha, and our Egun continue to bless all the members of Oyeku Ofun. I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you, and I appreciate your diligent works to spread the wondrous information concerning our ancestry and tradition!!! Alaafia!!!!

  2. i take great pleasure in reading about our ancest

  3. Pls I have passion for this Ifa learning and I want to know all the OJU ODU of IFA and their meaning. I need someone to help me fast and you should include the praises of IFA and INCANTATION. Tanx in anticipation

  4. Of recent I developed keenly interest in my tradition xpecially ifa; I need 2 knw odu nd d meanings.

  5. I v been in afin of alafin oyo during oranmiyan festival this year to buy odu ifa book bt i didnt pls if i can get it here in lagos

  6. Please where can i buy your books i really need it u can flash me then i will call please please

  7. pls l like to learn ifa pls let me know how to get your address and book

  8. Aboru boye oooooo, am police officer . pls for IFA sake , i want to know abt ifa and to learn abt ifa too ,how to get your book and ur address . OR U CAN CALL ME OR TEXT ME. IFA A GBE WA OOOOOOO

  9. An Exploration Of Odu Ifa…

    Where can one get the book in Lagos -Nigeria

  10. I love these pls connect me to the nearest ifa temple

  11. becoming a babalow in october need to study

  12. I am erelu of odolowu ijebu okun owa,,pls sir i need to know more abt ifa and the odu’s in ifa, I based in lagos (mushin)pls connect me with a good ifa priest or temple..

  13. please where can get the book in lagos I need urgent. Please forward the address and contact to me thanks

  14. please i need this book please how can i get your book am in epe in lagos state

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