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Healthy Smiles Initiative

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Healthy Smiles

Oyeku Ofun Temple’s Toothbrush Drive

In a time of global crisis, it is crucial for humanity to come together and participate in rebuilding our communities. Many families across the world find themselves in difficult transitions and could use our help. Although it is small and many times overlooked, something as simple as a toothbrush can go a long way.
Currently many low-income individuals and families, children and adults, are suffering from untreated tooth decay. According to the CDC, “Tooth decay affects more than one-fourth of U.S. children aged 2–5 years and half of those aged 12–15 years. About half of all children and two-thirds of adolescents aged 12–19 years from lower-income families have had decay.”
Oyeku Ofun Temple, we recognize that oral health is often taken for granted but as we use our teeth every day, we know it is is an essential part of our lives. Oral diseases cause pain and disabilities for people all over the world. To do our part, we are asking people in our local communities and dentistries to support Oyeku Ofun Temple’s Toothbrush Drive by donating such necessary oral hygiene tools as toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, etc.
Oyeku Ofun Temple will be distributing the donations to local low-income and needs-based individuals and families, as well as sending them to those in need in Yourba Land, Nigeria. If you would like to take part in Oyeku Ofun Temple’s Toothbrush Drive here is what you can do:

  • Ask around in your local community, to individuals and oral health care practitioners, if they would like to donate extra toothbrushes, floss, and/or toothpaste to promote good oral health for those who are in need.
  • Get together with a few others and hand-out toothbrushes in low-income and needs-based areas in your community.


  • Gather your donation and send them to
    PO BOX 4833
    ARCATA CA 95518

Apetebi Oyaseye Fakayode and Famarada, brushing teeth

For more information, contact us at oyekuofun@yahoo.com

One thought on “Healthy Smiles Initiative

  1. We will be distributing the toothbrushes and other oral hygiene items at the local Arcata Farmer’s Market that occurs on Saturday mornings in Arcata, CA. Please contact us for more information or to help us: oyekuofun@yahoo.com

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