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ITADOGUN 7/22/2015

ITADOGUN 7/22/2015
This Itadogun IFA warns us about untimely death. IFA says that we should all be appeasing ESU ODARA (ESHU) with three bananas and plenty of coconut oil to overcome potential of untimely death. Also we should all be truthful and not telling any lies this Itadogun period. (Ebo: 3 bananas and plenty of coconut oil to ESU)
On this IFA says:
The gentle breeze blows the Iroko leaves
The whirlwind is it that blows the coconut leaves turbulently
Please, inform the gentle breeze
To stop blowing the Iroko leaves
Also inform the whirlwind
To stop blowing the coconut leaves turbulently
And to stop blowing the Iroko leaves back and forth
These were Ifa’s declarations for Olomo Ojoro, the Rainfall
Declared same for Ojomagiiri-Eta, the Torrent
And were also declared for Otito-o-nipekin, Truth-is-limitless
When they were coming from heaven to earth
They were advised to offer ebo
It was only Truth that complied
Truth was the only one who offered ebo and was blessed with limitless followership
May OLODUMARE, through the powers of the IRUNMOLE, help us to live long. Ase O
Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple