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4/17/2015 ITADOGUN

4/17/2015 ITADOGUN


This Itadogun, IFA warns us against untimely death. IFA says that we should all be appeasing EGBE ORUN with white beans as well as other food stuff including sweets, and cool water. IFA says that it will be our companions in Orun (EGBE) who will come to our rescue.


On this IFA says:
Little children use their eyes as lamp in darkness
Casts divination for Egbe
Egbe was coming from heaven to the earth
He was asked to offer sacrifice
A group of Egbe  was coming from heaven to the earth
When they slept
Their sleep would be full of nightmares
They would see their mates in heaven
There were told to take care of their Egbe
They wished them a lot of good things
They told them that if they slept here
They would be dreaming about the ones in heaven
On waking from the sleep
They would be seeing the ones here
They told them to get Èkuru funfun
So that the heavenly mates would have to eat
You would have rest, they told them
They then offered the sacrifice
They had rest
And therefore created Associations
And named it an Associations on earth
It is the Association in heaven that would protect the
sanctity of the one on earth
They then started to dance and rejoice
They were praising their Babaláwo
Their Babaláwo was praising lfa
They said it was exactly as their Babaláwo predicted
 It is little children that uses their eyes as lamp in darkness
Casts divination for Egbe
Egbe was coming from heaven to the earth
He was asked to take care of the ground
And offer sacrifice
Please don’t let us be dishonored
Rather, for the Association on earth to be dishonored
The one in heaven would not allow it
Please don’t let us be humiliated

May Olodumare guide and guard us. Ase

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple