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Honest People Are Rare, Good People Are Even More Rare

Honest people are rare
Good people are even more rare
When I see no reliable person to talk to
I keep my thoughts within
Cast divination for Obaluaye
When suffering for lack of good people to talk to
Orunmila declares that it is true
Ifa sees the mind
Mother Earth sees the wicked
Those who do good
The Heavens know


Hold On To Me, So That I Also Can Hold Onto You

Hold onto me
So that I also can hold onto you
The elephant held onto it and become big
Hold onto me
So that I also can hold onto you
The buffalo held onto it and become big
Hold onto me
So that I also can hold onto you
Agbamirere (another type of animal) held onto it and enjoyed long life
Ifa revelation to the Iyere on the tree as well as the Iyere on the palm tree
Ope, I hold onto you
Please, do not let me fall off
The Iyere that hold onto the tree does not fall off
Alade, I hold onto you
Please, do not let me fall off
The Iyere that hold onto the tree does not fall off
Nobody who seeks protection from Ope dies prematurely

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Excessive Anger Portrays Their Upbringing

Excessive anger portrays their upbringing
He who ignores mediation easily exposes himself
You have come again with your bad attitude will only give one a bad name
These were the IFA revelations for Oka, the Cobra
And also for Ere, the Boa Constrictor
And for Sebe, the Black snake
And for Nini, the Colorful snake
When they were going to Alapa-nirawe, King in the house of Oniyanja
They were advised to offer Ebo
Only Nini complied with the advice
Truly, we have installed Nini as Oba (King)
It is the misbehavior of Oka that ruined his career
We have installed Nini as Oba
It is the misbehavior of Ere that ruined his career
We have installed Nini as Oba
It is the misbehavior of Sebe that ruined his future
Truly, we have installed Nini as Oba

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Itadogun Reading 9/26/2016

IFA divination will be performed every Itadogun (every 17 days) and information will be posted detailing what offerings should be made following each Itadogun.


This Itadogun, IFA says that we will see blessing of longevity. IFA says that we should be making offering to ESU with one snail. On this IFA says:
Those who have the ability to jump can jump
Odee can jump
And Awero can jump
IFA’s message to ORUNMILA
When going on a military campaign from hill to hill
He was advised to offer sacrifice
He complied
My snail climbed up this time and I will not die
My snail had really climbed up

May OLODUMARE via the ORISA protect us this coming Itadogun period. ASE O

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple
PO Box 4833
Arcata, CA 95518 USA

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Eriwo ya!
We greet you all in the name of Olodumare, Orunmila and all other Orisa. We also extend the greetings of Araba Agbaye to you all in this season of the World Ifa Festival. We, the members of Ethics and Scripture Committee of the International Council for Ifa Religion, are hereby presenting verses of the Ifa of the year recited with inspiration by the priests on the mat in the early hour os Sunday, 5th June, 2016, which stands as the first day of the year in Ifa calendar system. The odu Ifa that came out for this year is OBARAIRETE. The odu came with Ire Aiku, long life and ebo is recommended to acquire it. Ifa Priests from Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, United States of America, Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba were all there and made their contributions. The verses of OBARAIRETE recited with their narratives are as follows:

Ifa says everybody should take good care of his or her child\children or family (spiritual/biological) before considering teddy or toys. This is because, this year, one’s relation to human being will yield profits than ones relations with teddy or toys. It is said that the future will be determined by the quality of the human beings/resources. To make the future promising for one’s children or relatives, Ifa has recommended ebo with 4 rats, 4 fish, 4 hens, kola nuts, pap, palm oil, gin and money. After the ebo, Ifa will be appeased. On this, Ifa says:
Benu ni won pe oka
Benu n laa pe ere
A difa fun Alaso dudu janjan oke apa
To fomo tie sile laipon
To n pon molubi oni molubi kiri
Awogingi o se gbaragada ka fi rina damodun
Omo eni ni dingi eni

Benu is the name we call cobra
Benu is the name we call python
Ifa revelation to the owner of black cloth on the hill of Apa
Who left her child uncared for
And was caring for another person’s child
Mirror cannot be large for one to see the future
One’s child is one’s mirror for the future

This year, many barren will become parents. They should not be too conscious of their dressing or beauty. Ifa says the barren should not look at the mirror. Any woman who is longing for a child need to make ebo with 4 rats, 4 fish, 4 hens, a goat, kola nuts, gin, palm oil, pap and money. On this, Ifa says:
E ku ana
E ku oni
Aifeniiki ni e ku ijeta o se kira eni
E ku ana lo dun adunju
A difa fun Adeyokun
To n moju ekun sogbere omo
Awojiiji o se feregede
Ka fi rina amodun
Omo eni ni jingi eni

How was yesterday
How was today
It is in attempt not to greet that we say “how was day before yesterday” is not good to say
However, how was yesterday is better
Ifa revelation to Adeyokun
When longing for children
The mirror cannot be large enough
For one to see the future through it
One’s child is one’s mirror

There is fortune for immigrants this year. People who are planning to travel from one place to the other for work or businesses will prosper. The Ifa/Orisa priests who travel to another city/country to do their work need to make ebo to profit over their spiritual job. Ifa has advised inhabitants of each place to trust the outsiders/foreigners who come to their place. This is because, all that the strangers do for the inhabitants will be effective. Ebo to make by anybody who intends to travel includes 16 pigeons, honey, gin, kola nuts, palm oil and money. A goat will also be sacrificed to Ifa. On this, Ifa says:
Ibinni nile aje
Irada nile omokun
Ibi o gbe sunwon la n boyinde
A difa fun Orunmila
Baba n sawo rode Eto Gege
Alade, o de rere! Obararete, abisawo jingbinni

Ibini is the home of wealth
Irada is the home of valuable beads
It is in a comfortable place that we find oyinde beads
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
When he was going to the City of Eto Gege
Alade, you are welcome! Obararete the successful priest

Still about the travelers, Ifa says they will be successful wherever they go. Also, they will return safely. Ogun should be appeased before embarking on the journey for a safe return which Ifa has promised. The items to sacrifice are a dog, 3 cocks, palm oil, kola nuts, gin, pap and money. Ogun will be appeased with the dog. On this, Ifa says:
Afebo riru boju iku
Afetutu barun mole
A difa fun Orunmila
Baba n sawo relu Etomini
Awa yun rere
Awa bo rere
A yin Obara
A yin Irete

He who uses ebo to cover death
He who uses rituals to cover disease
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
When he was going to the City of Etomini
We have gone well
We have returned well
We praise Obara
We give appreciation to Irete

For those who are longing for wives, Ifa says they should be generous. Those who are generous to people will find good wives while those who are stingy may find it difficult to find good wives, if not find wives at all. Also, single men should always have food at home. Besides home, they should always give food to those who visit them in their places of work. Ebo to be made by anybody who is longing for a wife includes 4 pigeons, honey, eggs, gin, kola nuts and money. On this, Ifa says:
Yangi abori kugu
A difa fun Olobara
To n lo ree dako si eba ona
Ebo ni won ni o se
O gbebo nibe o rubo
Ero Ipo, ero Ofa
Aya wa wole to wa beerere

Yangi abori kugu
Cast Ifa for Olobara
Who was going to have a farm beside the road
He was advised to make ebo
He complied
All and sundry
Many wives have come to marry us in our house

It is forbidden for any woman who is longing for a child to adorn her buttocks with beads. Ifa says the beads will prevent her from getting pregnant. Any woman in this situation should sacrifice 4 rats, 4 fish, 4 hens and money. After the ebo, if she has beads on her waist, she will remove it and put it on Esu. On this, Ifa says:
Pankere teere awo inu igbo
Eesun wowo awo egi
A difa fun Olasunmisokun
To n moju ekun sogbere omo
Ebo ni won ni ko se
O ko bee ni ko ru
Opolopo ileke ni ko je ki Olasunmisokun o bimo

Pankere teere awo inu igbo
Eesun wowo awo egi
Cast Ifa for Olasunmisokun
When longing for children
She was asked to make ebo
She refused
Too much adornment of beads made Olasunmisokun infertile

Still on the issue of child bearing, the barren need to make ebo with 4 fish, 4 rats, 4 hens and a goat. The goat will be sacrificed to Ifa. Any woman who is longing for a child should always stay or live in a cool place. She should not expose herself to heat or hot weather too much. This is because heat or hot weather can lead to miscarriage. On this, Ifa says:
Eda omo odo ni foju joke
Adifa fun Esin-in
Ti n re isale abata
Ti n lo ree kanrile omo ni bibi
Eropo tofa
E bani ni wowo omo

Eda omo odo ni foju joke
Cast Ifa for Esin-in
Who was going to the swampy area
In order to become the parent of many children
All and sundry
Come and meet us amidst children

Ifa warns married women against adultery. There is danger in involving in extra marital affair because, when the secret is exposed, this may lead to the woman being put out of the marital home. Also, married women should be careful not to play too much with men in a place where they fetch, sell or buy water. This is because; their husband may take it to be something that it is not. On the other hand, men should also cease from playing too much with married women. On this, Ifa says:
Benu ni won pe oka
Benu n laa pe ere
A difa fun Aasemoga mogamoga
Ti saya Agbonmireguin
Aase mogamoga oo seni
Aase mogamoga oo seniyan
Aase mogamoga! Emi lo wodo wa doko se?

Benu is the name we call cobra
Benu is the name we call python
Ifa revelation to Aase mogamoga
Who was a wife of Orunmila
Aase mogamoga you are not good
Aase mogamoga you are not humane
Aase mogamoga! Why have you come to the river to commit adultery?

Obarairete warns married women to be humble and submissive to the husband. If they are not, this may lead to divorce. Also, there might be regret after such divorce and this may lead such woman to living in abject poverty for long. Furthermore, it may be difficult to get any good husband after the divorce. On the other hand, Ifa has promised any woman who is humble and submissive happiness and profits. On this, Ifa says:
Orunmila ni bojumo ba ti mo
Keni o maa ki oko eni
Obirin ti oo ba bosi ku
Bo ba ti ji
Wiworoko ni maa woroko oju soko
Obirin ti oo ba boro ku
Bo ba ti ji
Owo pete owo pete ni maa n te soko
A difa fun Birawo aya Orunmila
Eyi to ko Ifa sile to loun o fefa mo
Lilo lo n lo
O ko nii ku
O ko nii run
Sugbon o ko nii ribi ire fidi ka
O ko si nii ribi kan a a gbe
Aya fi bo o ba pada to o fefa

Orunmila said when it is morning
Let us greet our husbands
The woman that will die wretched
When she wakes up
She frowned at the husband
The woman that will live and die comfortably
When she wakes up
She greets the husband with humility
Ifa revelation to Birawo, a wife of Orunmila
Who discarded Ifa and said she would never return to Ifa
You are going away
You will not die
You will not fall sick
However, you will not find a comfortable home to settle
You will never find a suitable place to live
Unless you come back to settle with Ifa

This year, there will be a lot of wars against many countries. The army of each country will surely overpower the rebels. Ebo should be made to ensure the victory. The items to sacrifice are 3 he-goats, 3 cocks, palm oil, gin, pap and money. On this, Ifa says:
Ela pinpin
A difa fun enlojo eso
Won n rogun Ojonlo
Ebo lawo ni won o se
Won rubo
Ebo da
Nje awa yun o
Awa bo
A ti segun Ojonlo

Ela pin-in
Cast Ifa for 162 warlords
They were going to the war of Ojonlo
They were advised to make ebo
They made the recommended ebo
Their ebo was accepted
Behold, we have gone
We have returned
We have won the war of Ojonlo


For long life and sickness, ebo needs to be made with 3 cocks, 3 big rats, one’s used cloth, palm oil, a club and money. On this, Ifa says:
Obara reterete
A difa fun Oka, omo elewu pabo
Won ni ko fi ewu re rubo nitori iku
O fi eti otun gbebo
O fi tosi da nu
Igba aitebo
Igba aiteru
E ko rifa awo ki bo ti n se

Obara reterete
Cast Ifa for Oka, one with deadly cloth
He was advised to sacrifice its cloth against death
He heard the recommended ebo with its right ear
It threw away the advice through the left ear
Failure to make ebo
Refusal to make rituals
Don’t you see the manifestation of the Ifa recited by the priest

For safety, business people who travel every day to their place of work or shops, there is a need to sacrifice a he-goat, palm oil, a calabash, a clay plate, a big rat and money. On this, Ifa says:
Paafaa teere
A difa fun Ologbo
Ti n rebi atokedoke
Ebo lawo ni ko se
O rubo ebo re da
Kin lo yo Ologbo ninu ibi?
Igba epo atawo eje
Lo yo Ologbo ninu ibi

Pafaa teere
Cast Ifa for Ologbo, the cat
When travelling around
He was advised to make ebo
He complied and his ebo is accepted
What has rescued Ologbo, the cat, from evil?
A calabash of palm oil and a plate of blood
Are the things which rescued Ologbo, the cat from evil

This odu seriously warns against divorce. It warns especially the wives of Ifa/Orisa priests not to consider divorce this year. On this, Ifa reiterates:
Yangi abori kugu
A difa fun Barawe
Ti saya Orunmila
Eyi to n sagidi osi soko re
Barawe! Bo ba ko Orunmila sile
Boya lo le roko rere fe mo

Yangi abori kugu
Cast Ifa for Barawe
Who was a wife of Orunmila
Who was being stubborn to her husband
Barawe! If you divorce Orunmila
It is uncertain for you to get another husband

Sanponna should be appeased so that there will be no disease. Also, anybody that is travelling should be careful of what he eats or drinks. The hygiene of the place one travels to should also be taken into consideration. The ebo to make here include banana, palm oil, snails, shea butter, paps, boiled corn, pop corn and money. On this, Ifa says:
Obara oo rote
Mo rote n o sa
Mo maro lowo mi otun
Mo mu aaja lowo mi osi
Mo papo o ro janganjangan
Eru o bodo
Eni ti yoo wodo lominu n ko
A difa fun Orunmila
Baba n sawo rode Igodo
A difa fun Esu Odara
To n sawo rode Ajahunnagi
Won ni won o rubo
Ki won o ma baa se pade ajunilo
Esu Odara iwo lo seni
Esu Odara iwo lo seniyan
O ko ba ti febo Sanponna sunna

Obara, do not you see conspiracy
I see conspiracy but I do not panic
I hold musical rattle in my right hand
I hold Orisa rattle in my left hand
I combined them to make melodious sound
The river does not panic
Those who want to step into the river are the ones to panic
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
When he was going to the City of Igodo
Ifa revelation to Esu Odara
When he was going to the city of Ajannagi
They were told to make ebo for them not to meet a mightier force
Esu Odara, you have not acted well
Esu Odara, you have not done good at all
You should not have postponed making the ebo of Sanponna till the next day

This year, Opele should be used often when making ebo especially for the sick. Ifa has confirmed the effectiveness of making ebo with Opele throughout this year. This does not mean we should not use Ikin and Ifa tray to divine or make ebo. But whenever ebo is to be done for a sick person, Opele is advisable. Also, those who are sick should sacrifice a he-goat, a big rat, palm oil, pap and money. On this, Ifa says:
Iroke o ku mofe
Irukere odo yere
Patako o ku ijokoo laafin oba
Ota inu omi ni o dekun gbedegbede ni ririn
A difa Opele
To n sawo rele Onitagi
Opele awo ile Onitagi
A difa fun Onitagi to n sogboogbo arun
Ti n nara kaka alailedide
Opele ti o niye
A si gbonra sebo
A si fese mejeeji te e

Ifa tapper, I greet you “mofe”
Horse tail I salute you “odo yeere”
Stool, I greet you as you sit in the palace
The stone inside the water does not stop being wet
Ifa revelation to Opele
Who was going to the house of Onitagi
Opele, the priest in the City of Itagi
Cast Ifa for the king of Itagi when he was sick
When he was unable to stand up
Opele, who has no Ifa powder
Just shake its body on the ebo
And place its two feet on the ebo

For long life, we need to make sacrifice with 3 cocks, a chick, palm oil, pap and money. After making the ebo, we will leave the chick in a place where hawk will carry it. On this, Ifa says:
Ajikoro dide
Okunrun eko o tepa
A difa fun Orunmila
Nijo irere n ge gbogbo ori Irunmole kaye
Asa lo gbawo ladiye lo
Gbogbo ajogun ibi
E rokeere fefe e lo ree se si si
Okere fefe ibi fo

To wake up healthy
A sick earth worm employs walking stick to be able to walk
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
When Irere, death was beheading all Irunmole
It is hawk that has carried away priest’s fowl
All evil forces
Go to a very far place to fight
Evil forces have flew afar
Ifa has assured all his followers of victory. We need to make ebo with a he-goat, 3 cocks, palm oil, 3 big rats, pap and money. On this, Ifa says:
Agbo gboro ija ko motakomotako
A difa fun Okanrairai
Ti n wofa Olojo ibon
Omo arapa eran segun
Nijo ti n be lagbatemo ogun aye
Ebo ni won ni o wa se
Awa yun re
Awa bo re
Awa lomo Olobara to sete

The ram hears fighting and it is inclined
Ifa revelation to Okanrairai
Who was the priest in the household of Olojo Ibon
He who conquered enemies with animal arm
When he was amidst enemies
He was advised to make ebo
We have gone well
We have returned well
We are the children of Olobara who is always victorious

Still on victory over enemies, Ifa has assured his followers that no enemy will have power over them. Ebo should be made with 2 hens, 2 guinea fowls, 2 pigeons, kola nuts, honey and money. After the ebo, Osun, Oba, Olokun, Olosa and Yemoja will be appeased. On this, Ifa says:
Obara reterete awo Omi
A difa fun Omi
lojo ti Omi n be larin ota
Ebo ni won ni o se
O gbebo o rubo
E baa bu u siwa
Ki e bu u seyin
A ki i ri ipa ogbe ana lara omi

Obara reterete the priest of Omi
Cast Ifa for Omi, the water
When it was amidst enemies
It was advised to make ebo
It complied
Whether you fetch water in front
Whether you fetch water from the back
Water will never feel the impact

This year, we should make sure we greet our Ifa/Orisa every morning. And when we are doing this, we need to put our head down to touch the ground. In essence, those who are fond using the hand to touch the ground then touch the head should cease. Therefore, we should always kneel down and use our heads to touch the ground. On this, Ifa says:
Abere ni fi toju timu sise
A difa fun Foribale
Ti somo bibi inu Agbonniregun
Awa fori bale loni awa o ku mo
ObaraIrete! Ori a gbo ke

It is the needle that works with both eyes and nose
Ifa revelation to Foribale,
Who is a true child of Agbonniregun
We have touched the ground with our heads today
ObaraIrete! The head is strong

Anyone rearing animals or keeping live stock should sacrifice one of each of the animals in his possession. Besides the animal(s), he will add a big rat, palm oil, gin and money to the items of ebo. It is advisable to do this to prevent death. On this Ifa says:
Popondo ni so bi adaasa bi adaasa
Amoniloju ara won ni won n se
A difa fun Olohunku
Won ni o sebo saiku ara re
Igba aisebo
Igba aiteru
A je eran yii dun Olohunku
A jeyi dun Olohunku

Popondo ni so bi adaasa bi adaasa
Those who glance at us with disdain are but deceiving their selves
Ifa revelation to Olohunku, the-owner-is-dead
He was told to offer ebo against death
Failure to make ebo
Refusal to make the recommended rituals
We ate this animal in the absence of the owner
Very delicious!
We ate this in the absence of the owner

To fortify ourselves against the enemies, we need to sacrifice 3 cocks, 3 big rats, palm oil, yam, corn and beans. When we do the ebo, an akose will be made with soap for the person to bathe. On this, Ifa says:
Okuta la kooro la ma seje
A difa fun Ota-ko-raya-mi-mu, omo Olofin
Lojo to n be laarin ota
Ebo ni won ni ko se
Isu nawo nawo ko le fi mu oloko
Aya mi a pogaara
A sun siwaju kooroko
Agbado nawo nawo ko le fi mu oloko
Aya mi a pogaara
A sun siwaju kooroko
Awuje nawo nawo ko le fi mu oloko
Aya mi a pogaara
A sun siwaju kooroko

Stone cracks without shedding blood
Ifa revelation to Ota-ko-raya-mi-mu, enemy-cannot-reach-me, a child of Olofin
When he was amidst enemies
He was advised to make ebo
Yam stretches its stem but cannot reach the farmer
My chest has moved afar from the reach of evil forces
My chest has gone afar from the enemies
The maize stretches its stem but cannot reach the farmer
My chest has moved afar from the reach of evil forces
My chest has gone afar from the enemies
The beans stretches its stem but cannot reach the farmer
My chest has moved afar from the reach of evil forces
My chest has gone afar from the enemies

This odu says there is conspiracy and wars in the world. Ifa says people are waging war against the authority in the world. This can be the authority in the respective countries. The leader will surely achieve his mission. It is recommended that the leader of each community, state, country or organization should make ebo with a ram, 7 big rats, 7 pigeons, palm oil, pap and money. Each king in Yoruba land should also make this ebo. And the kings should never turn against Yoruba tradition and Ifa/Orisa. Any king who turns against the Orisa, Oduduwa will surely deal with him. On this, Ifa says:
Ayun mi ree, ire ni ki o je
Abo mi ree, ire ni ki o je
Atayun atabo
Mo de mo ba tijotayo nile
A difa fun Oduduwa Atewonro
Yoo ko gbogbo Irunmole wa sode aye
Awa yun o
Awa bo
Omo Olobara kii ku sote

This is my going, may it be successful
This is my coming, may it be successful
Both my going and my return
I arrived and met dance and happiness at home
Ifa revelation to Oduduwa Atewonro
He would bring all the Irunmole to the earth
We have come
We have returned
The child of Olobara will never die in war

Ifa has assured the world that the war from the rebels will surely be suppressed. The leaders need to make ebo. Also, the practitioners of Ifa/Orisa religion are assured of the war against them here and there in the world. The items to sacrifice here are a he-goat, 3 cocks, 3 big rats, pap, palm oil and money. On this, Ifa says:
A bi loro
A pon loro
O burinburin loroloro
A difa fun Orunmila
Ifa n lo ibi atokedoke
Won logun n be lapa otun
Won lote n be lapa osi
Won ni osiiri n be laarin ona kooropongba
Ifa ni ogun apa otun, otun ni ki o gbe
Ifa ni ogun apa osi, osi ni ki o wa
Osiiri to wa laarin, yoo maa ya fomo awo
A oo la won ja
A oo la won bo
Omo isoro kii ku soro
Omo Olobara kii ku si ote

He was born with spiritual endowment
He is bred in spiritual way
He is walking in spiritual path
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
When travelling around
He was told there is war at the right side
He was told there is war at the left side
He was told there is war on the path
Ifa says the war at the right side should remain harmless there
Ifa says the war at the left side should remain harmless there
Ifa says the war on the path should give way for the priests
We shall go through them with impunity
We shall return through them with impunity
A priest does not die while carrying out his divine assignment
A child of Olobara does not die in war

This year, Ifa warns those who are chasing another man’s wife. Ifa says anyone who is found in such act will be punished. Those who are suspecting their spouse should make ebo with 3 cocks, 3 big rats, a rope, gin, kola nuts, pap, palm oil and money. On this, Ifa says:
O n bere labe buka
O n ba kubekube
A difa fun Olobara to n lo ji obirin Irete do
Awo mu e loni o, Awo mu e
Olobara to n ji Obirin Irete do
Awo mu e loni o, Awo mu e

He is dodging his head under the shed
He is hiding his face
Ifa revelation to Olobara who was having extra marital affairs with the wife of Irete
The priest has caught you today, the priest has caught you
You, Olobara, who has been having a secret affair with the wife of Irete
The priest has caught you today, the priest has caught you

Ifa says people whose children are dying prematurely should initiate them into Ifa. The age of the child does not matter here. On this, Ifa says:
Gbara odede ni mo ti te
Ori awo gbo kekeke
A difa fun Orunmila
Baba oo te omo ojo keedogbon nifa
Ta ni n be leyin to n sebo
Obarairete! Orunmila lo n be leyin to n sebo

It is in the house corridor I made the initiation
And enjoyment of long life follows
Ifa revelation to Orunmila
Who would initiate a twenty five day old child into Ifa
Who is the person making ebo
Obarairete! Orunmila is the one making ebo


Black cloth
Not to carry another person’s child at the back
Any woman who is longing for child should not look at the mirror
Any woman who is longing for child should not use beads
Do not commit adultery
Do not divorce
Married individuals should not flirt

Verses recorded, transcribed and translated by:
Chief Fakayode Olanipekun (Chairman, Ethics and Scripture Committee)
Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode (Secretary)
Araba Olusoji Oyekale (Kwara State Rep)
Ojesola Windare (Osun State Rep)
Chief Adewale Oso (Ondo State Rep)
Otunba Kehinde Idowu Fagbohun (Oyo State Rep)
Fayemi Abidemi (Oyo State Rep)
Chief Fatunmbi Adeniji (Ogun State Rep)
Fasola Faniyi Babatunde (Ogun State Rep)
Awo Tosin Olomowewe (Lagos State Rep)
Iyanifa Ifakemi Onifade (Women Wing)
Iyanifa Fajemirola Ifetayo Fakayode (USA Rep)
Priest Fatiou Ogoubeyi (Republic of Benin Rep)

Aboru Aboye Abosise!
Note: We are aware that some people have published some verses of the odu on the internet. While we are not saying the verses they published are incorrect, we strongly believe that the ones we presented here are the ones recited with inspiration from Olodumare. What we mean is that there can be one thousand verses of Obarairete, but inspiration is what is needed to recite the useful ones at the time of divination; it is inspiration that directs a priest towards the verse(s) he recites on the mat.

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Newspaper article: “They are Americans, and They are Ifa faithfuls” by Adewale Oshodi

Newspaper article: “They are Americans, and They are Ifa faithfuls” by Adewale Oshodi
(from the Nigerian Tribune, originally published here: http://tribune.com.ng/quicklinkss/features/item/18635-they-are-americans-and-they-are-ifa-faithfuls)

"They are Americans, and they are Ifa faithfuls"

“They are Americans, and they are Ifa faithfuls”

At a time when Yorubas have distanced themselves from their traditional faith, a number of Americans are embracing it. ADEWALE OSHODI tells the story of four American Ifa faithful who have found peace in the religion, while urging the real custodians of the tradition not to abandon the faith.

The saying that we don’t value what we have until we lose it is applicable to the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria and Benin Republic, who are fast losing their traditional religion, and more surprising is the fact that Americans are now accepting what these descendants of Oduduwa view as a fetish culture. Today in Yorubaland, a large number of people profess Christianity and Islam, while a tiny minority can only identify with the Ifa religion.

However, for this loss, the Ifa religion has gained new adherents. A number of them can be found in the United States. One of such is Chief Akinkugbe Karade, an African-American, who has been professing the Ifa religion for the past 16 years.

Chief Karade did not just decide that he was going to become an Ifa adherent; rather, he said in the course of finding spiritual satisfaction, he found the Ifa religion.

“I found my way to Ifa after a 16-year search for my religious truth that took me through Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and finally to Ifa.

“I came in contact with a book, The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts, written by Chief Ifa Karade, and it brought answers to the questions I had. Chief Karade later divined for me and became my first teacher and initiator

“I was initiated in East Orange, New Jersey by Chief Ifa Karade in 1997. I was initiated again in Nigeria by Chief Fayemi Fakayode in 2010,” Chief Karade said.

Today, Chief Akinkugbe Karade is the chief priest and founder of Ile Imole Ifa, Inc. in East Orange, New Jersey, “and we have served the community since 2002 and continue to do so till this day,” Karade, who has also authored the book, Path to Priesthood: The Making of an African Priest in an American World, said.

One funny thing about Karade is that very early in life, he was told that he would become a priest, “and in my teenage years, I almost became a Baptist preacher like my great-grandfather, Ed Roberts, but things work in different ways, and today, I am an Ifa priest.”

It is not often easy getting the support of one’s family when one wants to make certain decisions in life, especially one that is as sensitive as religion, but Karade explained that his family has been supportive of his choice in life.

“My family was very supportive of me and my journey, although they didn’t really understand it. My mother was always encouraging all of her children to follow their dreams and make them come true.

“My experience in Ifa has been one of great self discovery. In my journey in Ifa, I have learned so much about myself and my lineage that I can almost make a book of it. I can truly say that Ifa has changed my life. I am definitely fulfilled because Ifa has given me the opportunity to actualise the path of my ancestors.

“As far as what I feel, I feel a very real connection to Orunmila, the egunguns (masquerades) and orisas (gods). A connection that allows my life to be better guided and help others to do the same. I will definitely spend the rest of my life doing just that,” the African-American priest said.

Iyanifa Ekundayo Adele Ifamuregun’s story resonates with Karade’s. She said she had been drawn to the issue of religion right from her tender years.

“I was drawn at a very young age to religion, philosophy and the question of why we are here on this earth; so by the time I was 12 years old, I had read the Holy Bible several times, the Koran, and also the works of Gautama Buddha.

“At that age, I made a commitment to live this life on a spiritual quest to work for God, and my ultimate desire was to be able to heal people, allowing God’s power to move through me and use me; so when I was 15 years old, my first spirit guide came to visit me, and that was how I developed interest in the Yoruba religious tradition, and I started developing until I became an Iyalorisa (priestess).

“However, it wasn’t as easy as said; I had lived a long life already at an early age, travelled, had businesses, working in my shrine, but at the same time, my orisa and guides were telling me that what I had learned and practised in terms of my religion, was not quite accurate.

“I began to look for answers and found that this was true. Then came a period of six months that I began to take stock of my life, and for some reason, I felt I was going to die. I did not know why, but I was making peace with that. I just felt it in my bones, my ori (god) was telling me so.

“So there was a time I asked myself what I have not done yet in my life? And knew I wanted to go to Nigeria and be initiated into Ifa before I die. That was my wish.

“So I travelled to Ogun State where I had full initiation, and during the traditional rites, the priests, who knew nothing about me beforehand, quietly told me the story of my life up until that moment, and they told me I had come to Nigeria because I was going to die, and that I knew I was going to die.

“I just sat there stunned on that sacred red earth under the trees with the sun shining above and cried. It was the day of my rebirth. They knew everything about me, my hardships, my struggles, everything. I must confess that that initiation was the happiest day of my life, because I cheated death. My ori, Ifa and the good babalawos gave me my victory over death, and it still makes me cry tears of joy thinking back on that day, so it is fitting my name, Ekundayo,” the Iyanifa said.

“Today, I am very happy with my life. Of course, there are trials and tribulations, but if God handed everything to us on a silver platter, would we still need to strive and grow as a spiritual being in a human body?

“However, it is painful that the Yoruba people are distancing themselves from Ifa; people in the diaspora are very interested in Ifa; there are many Ifa priests here in the US, in Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, among others,” the priestess said, while charging the Yoruba people not to lose their faith.

Mama Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi, an African-American woman, born 62 years ago in Chicago, Illinois, USA, found the Ifa religion in a different manner entirely; she found it through the sound of drums in 1965.

“The sound of drums beating on the Southside of Chicago was not an unusual sound in the context of hearing people playing konga for entertainment in the parks by the lake front of Lake Michigan.

“I began in the tradition of Ifa and Orisa as a 14-year-old child in Chicago in 1965 when there was a great upheaval in world politics.

“African-Americans, in the 1940s through the tumultuous 1960s, were fighting for their freedom from oppression from Caucasian-Americans and were leading the charge by civil disobedience. With this in mind, many African-Americans were disregarding and moving away from Christianity of all sects and denominations due to the idea that they did not want to serve a god that did not look like them in appearance.

“Many of our people were looking towards Africa as a means of expressing their spiritual and religious philosophies and belief systems. So, I too, found dissatisfaction, not just because of the Christian church protocols and beliefs, but because I had certain spiritual gifts and was ostracised because of those gifts.

“Thus, I was seeking the needed information that could incorporate my belief in African spirituality and link this with my understanding. That was when I found the temple in Chicago by happenstance, ironically called ‘Ile Ife Temple.’

“Walking down the street, I heard the sound of African bata beats; it was compelling during the turbulent years in the 1960s, and it brought me into the world of Ifa, the Yoruba traditional religion, and I have been a faithful for 48 years now.

Mama Fayomi, who has lived in Ghana, as well as in Nigeria, is also an author, a teacher, a religious activist, among others; she practises as a priestess in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nathan Aikulola Fawehinmi was born as Nathan Lugo and raised in New York. He is of the Puerto Rican descent, and he started developing interest in traditional religion at a very young age.

“As a young person of Puerto Rican descent, I started becoming aware of the alternative spiritual traditions of my heritage, and that included African-based spirituality. Among the most common spiritual traditions outside of Catholicism is Spiritism in Puerto Rico, which is itself a diasporic creation with roots in European Christianity, some aboriginal, and African beliefs and practices. So it was not that difficult for me to settle for the Yoruba traditional religion.

“So I can say I simply followed my passion. It was in 1998 that I first travelled to Yoruba land for my traditional rites. In later years, I was also initiated to Oosaala, Ogboni, and Egungun, and the art and healing principle of this culture is making me to practise full-time as a priest.

“Today, my entire life has been shaped in a positive way through Orisa and the Ifa literature and divination system. I live modestly yet comfortably. I can be in several countries in the Americas, Africa, and Europe, and I have extended family and a home in each of those places. I live in the tropical climate of Miami Beach, and I continue to grow as a human being in terms of knowledge, character, and unforgettable positive experiences with the other wonderful people on this path,” Fawehinmi, who abandoned university studies to follow Ifa full time, said.

“I was an Anthropology and African Studies major, but I didn’t finish my university studies; my study and practice of Ifa was what opened the way for me to learn the Yoruba language and to travel to West Africa.

“Of course, my decision lended me the freedom to do exactly what I wanted to do, instead of having to follow the strict guidelines of academia,” Fawehinmi said.

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ITADOGUN 9/21/14

ITADOGUN 9/21/14

On this Itadogun, IFA says that we will see ire aje, the blessings of wealth. IFA says that we should be making offering to ORUNMILA with oti (liquor) and epo pupa (red palm oil).
On this IFA says:
The Egun tree is marvelous to look at from a distance
Ifa’s message for Ire (Blessings)
And also for Ibi (Negativity)
They were advised to offer sacrifice
Only Ire complied
Ire, please stay with us
Ibi, turn around and go away

May Olodumare guide us and guard us. Ase.

Fágbémijó Amósùn Fákáyòdé
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple
PO Box 4833
Arcata, CA 95518 USA