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The Enemies of Awo Have Become Well-Boiled Yam

Just as they were wishing him to die young in the forest
He was busy erecting mansions
Just as they were wishing that his corpse would rot away without even receiving decent burial rites
He was accumulating expensive cloth like a royal person
Just as they were wishing him to be sad and lonely without any aide or companions
He was mounting female horses after dismounting male horses (he had many fancy vehicles)
These are the declarations of Ifa to Orunmila
When he was in the midst of enemies
And he was living in anticipation of the evil machinations of his adversaries
He was advised to offer Ebo
He heard and he complied
The enemies of Awo have become well-boiled yam
With relish
Ifa will consume them all
With relish
The enemies of Awo have become well-cooked yanrin vegetable
With satisfaction
Ifa will consume them all
With satisfaction

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On this Itadogun day, IFA speaks to us on the blessings of longevity. IFA says that we should all be making an offering so we will experience a long life this time around. IFA says that we should offer 2 hand fans to ESU ODARA and we should give money to those in need. On this IFA says:
Oturu saddled Odara to Ile Ife
Cast IFA for Ikuyeba, Death-ducks-sideways
Child of Agunnare
On the day he was crying because of all good things
He was asked to perform sacrifice
He then performed the sacrifice
He sacrificed a hand fan
He thereafter started dancing around town
This is what ESU devotees carrying hand fans do till date
They had sacrificed twenty thousand units of money
All his places of call
He is taken care of with good money

Oturu saddled Odara to Ile Ife
Cast IFA for Ikuyeba, child of Agunnare

Death had ducked sideways for us
The child of Agunnare
I sacrificed twenty thousand
The child of Agunnare
Loss had ducked sideways
The child of Agunnare
I had sacrificed a hand fan
The child of Agunnare
I sacrificed twenty thousand
I sacrificed a hand fan
Ajoguns ducked sideways
The child of Agunnare
I sacrificed twenty thousand
I sacrificed a hand fan

May Olodumare guide us and guard us. Ase

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Osunyemi Fakayode
Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple


My Suffering Ends Today

The Awo who is small and inexperienced, that is the Awo of today
The Awo who is matured and capable, that is the Awo of tomorrow
The banana tree lives by the stream and flourishes
The Awo of He-who-knows-today-and-tomorrow
Ifa’s declaration to My-suffering-will-end-today
Child of Agboniregun 
When coming from Heaven to Earth 
he was advised to offer Ebo
He heard and complied
Now, my suffering ends today
By tomorrow my things will be easy
My suffering ends today
Tomorrow my life will be convenient 
If one staff is used to bead the Dundun drum
200 gongs will shake in the process
My suffering ends today
Tomorrow my life will be convenient

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ORUNMILA Will Help Mend Our Broken World…

ORUNMILA Help Mend Our Broken World

ORUNMILA Help Mend Our Broken World

Pa!! like the snapping of a rope
The broken rope, the Awo of the town of Itori
The gun dismantled and scattered on the floor
Ifa’s revelation to Orunmila 
when Ifa was going to mend the world of the lovers of conflict
Like one mends a broken calabash
Who will help us mend this our broken world?
The leaves of a palm tree can bind
Orunmila will help one mend the broken world
The leaves of the palm can bind
Ifa will help us mend the broken world
The leaves of the palm can bind
Baraapetu will help us mend the broken world
the leaves of the palm will bind


How Oshun Saves the World Through the Birth of Osetura by Apetebi Oyaseye Fakayode

How Oshun Saves the World Through the Birth of Osetura
By Apetebi Oyaseye Fakayode
Long ago, when the Earth was still very young, Olodumare sent 17 chosen Irunmole to Earth. Before they started their journey from the Heavens to Earth, they met with Olodumare to hear their task.

Olodumare, with Her powerful voice, said to them, “You have all been chosen especially for this mission. Earth is now very young and new. I am sending you all to go and make it flourish with good things. For this to happen, you must all work together. When everything is good, report back to me.”
Among the seventeen Irunmole, the only female was Oshun. The other sixteen male Irunmole thought little of Oshun. Because she was very beautiful they thought that she was much too delicate for such a task. When the seventeen Orisha arrived on Earth they quickly started to get to work. They had brought their machetes, axes, hammers, and other gear. Oshun saw this and pulled out her comb, her mirror, her fan, and her sweet jar of honey. They laughed at the sight of her tools and said to her “Oshun, do not worry yourself. Go home to do your womanly things. We can handle this task without you.” Rejected and hurt, Oshun ran away. But she did not go back home, she hid in the forest. Nature flourished around her and she made a beautiful home for herself, away from those who did not appreciate her or her sacred, divine attributes.

Many months later, the other sixteen Orisha were struggling. Everything they did was going wrong. Whatever was built up, would fall down. Rain had not fallen to nourish the Earth in a very long time. Sickness was spreading around rampantly. The entire world was a great mess. Soon Olodumare called for them to return to Her. When they arrived they hung their heads down in shame. Olodumare counted them — there were only sixteen of them. “Where is Oshun?” Olodumare asked the Irunmole.

“We have failed you! We sent Oshun off and everything we did after that, it was unsuccessful.”
Olodumare nodded as She understood the true root of the problem. “You must find Oshun and beg Her for forgiveness. Only Oshun can change the misfortune that has come upon Earth”
The sixteen Orisha immediately headed back to Earth and searched for Oshun. They searched day and night. When they finally found her, deep in the forest, their jaws dropped at Her beauty and the beautiful home She had made for herself there. They saw Oshun coming back from bathing in a nearby river and they dropped to the ground, bowing in Her majestic presence. “Please Great Oshun, Ore Yeye O, we bow to you and beg you for your forgiveness. Please come with us, help us to make the world as healthy and happy as you have made the home for yourself here in the forest. “

Oshun let them beg for a while while she thought to herself before she gave her response. She said that she was now pregnant and they must beg to their own Ori and The Creator, Olodumare, that the child she delivers will be a male. She said that if the child is a male, all matters in the world will be well. But if the child is a female, there will be war and destruction. They used their powers to peer into her womb, and they saw that the child was to be born a female. ‘
They were distraught. They began to pray. Orunmila, the Father, then pointed to Oshun’s womb with his Ado Asure (Calabash with the power of blessings) and declared that the child would be a male. Just as Orunmila declared it, immediately the fetus changed and became a male.
When the child was born, Orunmila held the child close. At Esentaye on the 3rd day after birth, Orunmila divined for him and Ifa named him Osetura. He took Osetura with him everywhere he went, including him on all spiritual missions and endeavors. It became so that whenever Ifa rituals were performed, Osetura would need to be invoked. If any person was suffering from illness, as soon as Osetura came and touched the person, that person would be well instantaneously. Everything then that they built stood very strong. The rivers filled, the trees grew, and everyone was healthy and happy. They were all dancing and rejoicing, giving eternal praise to Oshun, Orunmila, and Osetura.
Olodumare looked and saw this and She was very happy. Not just because the world was good, but because the Orisha had learned to respect and honor each other, for all of them were special and only together could everything be good. And most importantly that the male Orisha had learned to respect and honor the female Orisha, and had learned that without honor to women, nothing will ever be prosperous or even possible. Oshun was proud and very happy that her son was deeply involved in the good work of Ifa. It was then proclaimed:
“From today on, all women without any exception,

They must not know Oro
And they must not enter the shrine of Eegun (Egungun)
Eegun must not come out in their presence
This must be observed as a taboo

But all other things
 you are doing

You must involve Oshun in them (women)
Their lives then became smooth
They said that if someone is pounding yams
Without the knowledge of Oshun

His or her pounded yam will not be smooth

If someone is preparing okra
Without involving Oshun in it
His/her food will not come out fine
We will involve Oshun in whatever we do

We will involve Oshun in all our deliberations.

Our Great Mother
Who must be present at every important deliberation
We will involve Oshun in all our deliberations
Agberegede ajuba

Ajuba agberegede

Divined for Oshun Sengesi
Owner of a hair comb decorated with iyun
When she was in a secret place
She spoiled the sacrifice of other divinities

Who is performing a sacrifice

Without involving the owner of sacrifice
Oshun whose other name is Ewujı
We are all on our knees.
We are all begging you

Let us all kneel and prostrate before women

We are all born by women
Before we become recognized as human beings

[Reference: The Bag of Wisdom: Osun and the Origins of the Ifa Divination by Wande Abimbola]
About the Author: Apetebi Oyaseye Fakayode was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. She is a very devout worshiper of the Orisa, especially Orisa Oya. She and her husband together founded and run Oyeku Ofun Temple, a traditional Ifa and Orisa temple. She is a talented artist, bead-maker, seamstress, and craftswoman. Also, she is a loving wife and mother. She currently resides on the beach in Northern California with her family. 
Photo of Author:
Iyalorisa Oyaseye Fakayode

Iyalorisa Oyaseye Fakayode

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Newspaper article: “They are Americans, and They are Ifa faithfuls” by Adewale Oshodi

Newspaper article: “They are Americans, and They are Ifa faithfuls” by Adewale Oshodi
(from the Nigerian Tribune, originally published here: http://tribune.com.ng/quicklinkss/features/item/18635-they-are-americans-and-they-are-ifa-faithfuls)

"They are Americans, and they are Ifa faithfuls"

“They are Americans, and they are Ifa faithfuls”

At a time when Yorubas have distanced themselves from their traditional faith, a number of Americans are embracing it. ADEWALE OSHODI tells the story of four American Ifa faithful who have found peace in the religion, while urging the real custodians of the tradition not to abandon the faith.

The saying that we don’t value what we have until we lose it is applicable to the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria and Benin Republic, who are fast losing their traditional religion, and more surprising is the fact that Americans are now accepting what these descendants of Oduduwa view as a fetish culture. Today in Yorubaland, a large number of people profess Christianity and Islam, while a tiny minority can only identify with the Ifa religion.

However, for this loss, the Ifa religion has gained new adherents. A number of them can be found in the United States. One of such is Chief Akinkugbe Karade, an African-American, who has been professing the Ifa religion for the past 16 years.

Chief Karade did not just decide that he was going to become an Ifa adherent; rather, he said in the course of finding spiritual satisfaction, he found the Ifa religion.

“I found my way to Ifa after a 16-year search for my religious truth that took me through Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and finally to Ifa.

“I came in contact with a book, The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts, written by Chief Ifa Karade, and it brought answers to the questions I had. Chief Karade later divined for me and became my first teacher and initiator

“I was initiated in East Orange, New Jersey by Chief Ifa Karade in 1997. I was initiated again in Nigeria by Chief Fayemi Fakayode in 2010,” Chief Karade said.

Today, Chief Akinkugbe Karade is the chief priest and founder of Ile Imole Ifa, Inc. in East Orange, New Jersey, “and we have served the community since 2002 and continue to do so till this day,” Karade, who has also authored the book, Path to Priesthood: The Making of an African Priest in an American World, said.

One funny thing about Karade is that very early in life, he was told that he would become a priest, “and in my teenage years, I almost became a Baptist preacher like my great-grandfather, Ed Roberts, but things work in different ways, and today, I am an Ifa priest.”

It is not often easy getting the support of one’s family when one wants to make certain decisions in life, especially one that is as sensitive as religion, but Karade explained that his family has been supportive of his choice in life.

“My family was very supportive of me and my journey, although they didn’t really understand it. My mother was always encouraging all of her children to follow their dreams and make them come true.

“My experience in Ifa has been one of great self discovery. In my journey in Ifa, I have learned so much about myself and my lineage that I can almost make a book of it. I can truly say that Ifa has changed my life. I am definitely fulfilled because Ifa has given me the opportunity to actualise the path of my ancestors.

“As far as what I feel, I feel a very real connection to Orunmila, the egunguns (masquerades) and orisas (gods). A connection that allows my life to be better guided and help others to do the same. I will definitely spend the rest of my life doing just that,” the African-American priest said.

Iyanifa Ekundayo Adele Ifamuregun’s story resonates with Karade’s. She said she had been drawn to the issue of religion right from her tender years.

“I was drawn at a very young age to religion, philosophy and the question of why we are here on this earth; so by the time I was 12 years old, I had read the Holy Bible several times, the Koran, and also the works of Gautama Buddha.

“At that age, I made a commitment to live this life on a spiritual quest to work for God, and my ultimate desire was to be able to heal people, allowing God’s power to move through me and use me; so when I was 15 years old, my first spirit guide came to visit me, and that was how I developed interest in the Yoruba religious tradition, and I started developing until I became an Iyalorisa (priestess).

“However, it wasn’t as easy as said; I had lived a long life already at an early age, travelled, had businesses, working in my shrine, but at the same time, my orisa and guides were telling me that what I had learned and practised in terms of my religion, was not quite accurate.

“I began to look for answers and found that this was true. Then came a period of six months that I began to take stock of my life, and for some reason, I felt I was going to die. I did not know why, but I was making peace with that. I just felt it in my bones, my ori (god) was telling me so.

“So there was a time I asked myself what I have not done yet in my life? And knew I wanted to go to Nigeria and be initiated into Ifa before I die. That was my wish.

“So I travelled to Ogun State where I had full initiation, and during the traditional rites, the priests, who knew nothing about me beforehand, quietly told me the story of my life up until that moment, and they told me I had come to Nigeria because I was going to die, and that I knew I was going to die.

“I just sat there stunned on that sacred red earth under the trees with the sun shining above and cried. It was the day of my rebirth. They knew everything about me, my hardships, my struggles, everything. I must confess that that initiation was the happiest day of my life, because I cheated death. My ori, Ifa and the good babalawos gave me my victory over death, and it still makes me cry tears of joy thinking back on that day, so it is fitting my name, Ekundayo,” the Iyanifa said.

“Today, I am very happy with my life. Of course, there are trials and tribulations, but if God handed everything to us on a silver platter, would we still need to strive and grow as a spiritual being in a human body?

“However, it is painful that the Yoruba people are distancing themselves from Ifa; people in the diaspora are very interested in Ifa; there are many Ifa priests here in the US, in Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, among others,” the priestess said, while charging the Yoruba people not to lose their faith.

Mama Fayomi Falade Aworeni Obafemi, an African-American woman, born 62 years ago in Chicago, Illinois, USA, found the Ifa religion in a different manner entirely; she found it through the sound of drums in 1965.

“The sound of drums beating on the Southside of Chicago was not an unusual sound in the context of hearing people playing konga for entertainment in the parks by the lake front of Lake Michigan.

“I began in the tradition of Ifa and Orisa as a 14-year-old child in Chicago in 1965 when there was a great upheaval in world politics.

“African-Americans, in the 1940s through the tumultuous 1960s, were fighting for their freedom from oppression from Caucasian-Americans and were leading the charge by civil disobedience. With this in mind, many African-Americans were disregarding and moving away from Christianity of all sects and denominations due to the idea that they did not want to serve a god that did not look like them in appearance.

“Many of our people were looking towards Africa as a means of expressing their spiritual and religious philosophies and belief systems. So, I too, found dissatisfaction, not just because of the Christian church protocols and beliefs, but because I had certain spiritual gifts and was ostracised because of those gifts.

“Thus, I was seeking the needed information that could incorporate my belief in African spirituality and link this with my understanding. That was when I found the temple in Chicago by happenstance, ironically called ‘Ile Ife Temple.’

“Walking down the street, I heard the sound of African bata beats; it was compelling during the turbulent years in the 1960s, and it brought me into the world of Ifa, the Yoruba traditional religion, and I have been a faithful for 48 years now.

Mama Fayomi, who has lived in Ghana, as well as in Nigeria, is also an author, a teacher, a religious activist, among others; she practises as a priestess in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nathan Aikulola Fawehinmi was born as Nathan Lugo and raised in New York. He is of the Puerto Rican descent, and he started developing interest in traditional religion at a very young age.

“As a young person of Puerto Rican descent, I started becoming aware of the alternative spiritual traditions of my heritage, and that included African-based spirituality. Among the most common spiritual traditions outside of Catholicism is Spiritism in Puerto Rico, which is itself a diasporic creation with roots in European Christianity, some aboriginal, and African beliefs and practices. So it was not that difficult for me to settle for the Yoruba traditional religion.

“So I can say I simply followed my passion. It was in 1998 that I first travelled to Yoruba land for my traditional rites. In later years, I was also initiated to Oosaala, Ogboni, and Egungun, and the art and healing principle of this culture is making me to practise full-time as a priest.

“Today, my entire life has been shaped in a positive way through Orisa and the Ifa literature and divination system. I live modestly yet comfortably. I can be in several countries in the Americas, Africa, and Europe, and I have extended family and a home in each of those places. I live in the tropical climate of Miami Beach, and I continue to grow as a human being in terms of knowledge, character, and unforgettable positive experiences with the other wonderful people on this path,” Fawehinmi, who abandoned university studies to follow Ifa full time, said.

“I was an Anthropology and African Studies major, but I didn’t finish my university studies; my study and practice of Ifa was what opened the way for me to learn the Yoruba language and to travel to West Africa.

“Of course, my decision lended me the freedom to do exactly what I wanted to do, instead of having to follow the strict guidelines of academia,” Fawehinmi said.


He Woke Up and Put on a Befitting Outfit, He Adorned His Head with a Befitting Cap

He woke up and put on a befitting outfit
He adorned his head with a befitting cap
He wore befitting trousers
He cast a befitting glance at all things
They said Orunmila, the messenger has arrived!
He asked what did he bring along?
They said he brought 200 rats on his right side
And 200 fish on his left
Orunmila said the emissary of Olodumare had not yet arrived
They said he brought 200 birds on his right side
And 200 beasts on his left
Orunmila said the emissary of Olodumare had not yet arrived
They said he brought 200 male children on his right side
And 200 female children on his left
Orunmila said the emissary of Olodumare has truly arrived!
He said that out of 200 male children on the right side
25 will become hunters
25 will become farmers
25 will become traders
25 will become cloth weavers
25 will become musicians
25 will become sculptors
25 will become sanitary workers
The remaining 25 will be his Akapo (Ifa students)
And he said that out of the 200 female children on the right hand side
25 will become merchandizers
25 will become traders
25 will become cloth dyers
25 will become singers
25 will become weavers
25 will become palm oil makers
25 will become farmers
The remaining  25 will be preparing meals for Agbonniregun (doing IFA rituals)
Children are one’s prosperity in the end
Whether we go into the forest
Or travel into the plains
Children are truly our prosperity in the end

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ITADOGUN 9/21/14

ITADOGUN 9/21/14

On this Itadogun, IFA says that we will see ire aje, the blessings of wealth. IFA says that we should be making offering to ORUNMILA with oti (liquor) and epo pupa (red palm oil).
On this IFA says:
The Egun tree is marvelous to look at from a distance
Ifa’s message for Ire (Blessings)
And also for Ibi (Negativity)
They were advised to offer sacrifice
Only Ire complied
Ire, please stay with us
Ibi, turn around and go away

May Olodumare guide us and guard us. Ase.

Fágbémijó Amósùn Fákáyòdé
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple
PO Box 4833
Arcata, CA 95518 USA


Honesty of Thought Is More Satisfying…

Otura re’ra ko de’ra
Akoki rajo k obo
Otito inu yo ni lajeku
O ju iro lo o
Dia fun Orunmila
Baba n sawo lo si ilu Eke
Nibi won gbe n fi ohun si oju owo
Ti won n fie yin owo han’ra won
Bee ni aye won ri rudurudu
Orunmila kuro nibe
Baba lo si ilu awon Odale
Bi won ti n yo’lee da
Loun werewere abenu nyo won ni sise
Bee ni won po bi esu
Orunmila fi won sile
Baba lo si ilu awon Olooto
O ba won won o p’ogun
Bee ni won o p’ogbon
Bee ni aye won gun gege
Orunmila wa lanu koto
O ni otito ree o
Omi ale Ife
Ara yoo mu nibe o wopo


Otura went to Ira but never got to Ira
Akoki went on a journey but never return
Honesty of thought
Is more satisfying
And is higher than lying
Ifa’s message for Orunmila
When going to the town of liars
Where they keep things in their palms
But show each other the back of their palm
Their life is in total chaos
Orunmila left there
Orunmila went to the town of the oath breakers
As they secretely break the oath
So does their conscience continue to torment them
But they are very many in number
Orunmila left them
He went to the town of the truthful
He meant them they were not up to 20 in number
They are not up to 30
But their life are peaceful and organized
Orunmila opened his mouth to sing
He says here is the truth
The water of Ife land
Those who drink out of it are not many