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Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

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The Principle of Give and Take Is What Make the World Peaceful and Habitable

Bu fun mi
Ki n bu fun o
Oun nii mayee gun igegeigege
Dia fun Orunmila
Baba n lo s’otu Ife
Yoo loo ko won ni ise ile
Yoo look o won ni’se oko
Ebo ni won ni ko waa se
O gb’ebo, o ru’bo

The principle of give and take
Is what make the world peaceful and habitable
This was Ifa’s message for Orunmila
When he was going to Ile Ife
To teach people home conduct
And to teach farm and work-place conduct
He was advised to offer ebo
He complied


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On this OSE OGUN…

On this OSE OGUN we greet and give praise and thanks to OGUN LAKAYE. We are praying for progress and peace today for our community and the world at large. We are tired of war and fighting. We are ready for a time of peace and understanding. Unity will bring great progress and change.
OGUN, we implore you to please clear our path toward world peace and universal love.

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The Life of the Moon is More Pleasant than that of the Sun…

Sacred holy mysterious ODU IFA OYEKU OFUN teaches us that IFA leads us to peace and contentment in life. The ODU says that IFA will never hurt us, but IFA is gentle and healing, like the light of the moon.
On this IFA says:
Yam develops big tuber when the festival is close
A frog sounds happily hearing the sound of the rain
It is coco yam that spreads its roots and claims large space
Ifa revelation to Tookiola, a beloved child of Ajalorun
He consulted Ifa on how to have pleasant life
He was advised to make ebo
He complied
Ifa, do not you deserve praise?
Ifa, you really deserve praise
The life of the Moon is more pleasant than that of the Sun
It does not smart the body
It does not bite the body
Also, it is not painful to the body

May IFA continue to shine its healing light on us all. Ase O

Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple