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What is ORI?

Ori lo da mi
Eniyan ko o
Olodumare ni
Ori lo da mi

Ori is my Creator
It is not man
It is Olodumare
Ori is my Creator


Ori: The Divine Value of Self in Yoruba Cosmology


In Yorùbá, Orí literally translates to mean “head”, however the spiritual significance of the word is far deeper. Orí is human consciousness. It is our direct connection to Olódùmarè, the Supreme Force.
Conceptually, Orí is closely related to destiny or fate. Each and every person who is born on Earth, Aye, went through the process of choosing their Orí and their Destiny before journeying from Heaven to Earth, Orun to Aye. Each human being has the personal task of selecting their very own Orí, their own particular human consciousness.

Obatala is the Oriṣa responsible for molding the human heads, and thus human consciousness. He molds them by hand from clay. Not all Orí are created equally. Some of the Orí’s turn out to be more “perfect” than others ones do, as Obatala makes each one by hand.

One who chooses a good Orí and destiny will have an easy time obtaining the good things in life. They will find it easier than not to have a peaceful home, a job they truly enjoy, a good relationship with their spouse, and good children, along with the wealth and health needed to enjoy it all. Good things will come easily to them.

On the other hand, one who chooses an imperfect Orí will experience many hardships in life. They will find that the good things in life are hard to achieve and that tough-times are common. It will take great change to better things for them. Potentially they can change through the implementation of ritual and sacrifice, vehicles for change and transformation, to repair their Orí’s and their realign destinies, thereby turning their lives around for the better.

Orunmila is the one who repairs such imperfect Orí. The following is anexcerpt from an ancient Oriki, prayer poem, for Orunmila:

Odudu ti ndu Orí emere
Atun Orí ti ko suhan se
A mo iku

The one who saves those who are destined to die young
The one whorepairs a bad Orí (Head)
Through your knowledge we avertdeath

I will end with this brief note: When praying to Orí it is best to bein a comfortable position, to hold your head in both hands, as it isour heads we are praising. Hold your head and say “Orími gbe mi o!” meaning “My Orí supports me!”
Orí Wuuu!

For more information on Ori look for the book Ori Mi Gbe Mi:Ori, Support Me by Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode.

May Olodumare guide us and guard us. Ase O

Apènà Fágbémijó Amósùn Òsúnyemí Fákáyòdé,
The Otun Amufawuni of Ibadan Land,
Director of Oyeku Ofun Temple
PO Box 4833
Arcata, CA 95518 USA

Ile Ori, Ori Shrines at Oyeku Ofun Temple in California, USA

Ile Ori, Ori Shrines at Oyeku Ofun Temple in California, USA

— — —

Iwure To Orí
A Prayer For Good Luck and Blessings
Morning Prayer for Good Luck and Blessings

Bi o ba maa lowo
Beere lowo orii re
Bi o ba maa sowo
Beere lowo Orí re wo
Bi o ba maa kole o
Beere lowo orii re
Bi o ba maa laya o
Beere lowo orii re wo
Orí mase pekun de
Lodo re ni mi mbo
Wa sayee fun awon omo mi di rere

If you want to have money
Inquire of your head
If you want to start trading
Inquire of your head
If you want to build a house
Inquire of your head
If you want a relationship
Inquire of your head first
Orí, my head, please do not shut the gate
It is you that I am coming to
Come and make my life prosperous

— — —


Ori Onise
Atete gbeni ju Orisa
Ori atete niran
Ori lokun
Ori nide
Ko si Orisa ti dani gbe leyin Ori eni
Ori ni seni ta a fi dade owo
Ori ni seni ta a fi tepa ileke woja
Ori ni seni ta a fi lo mosaaji aso oba
Ori gbe mi
Ori la mi
Ori ma pada leyin miOri, the competent Creator
He who is faster in aiding one than the Orisa
He who instantly remembers his devotee
Ori is valuable
Ori is jewelry
No Orisa can favour one without the consent of one’s Ori
It is Ori that aids one for one to be crowned of money
It is Ori that bless one for one to be using beaded walking stick even to the market
It is Ori that bless one for one to be using valuable cloths
Ori, please, support me
Ori, please, bless me
Ori, please, never turn against me.
More on ORI:
What is Ori?

Ori is the “Head”. Ori is an Orisa, and a very powerful and important one.
Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji teaches us:

Ko s’orisa ti i da ni i gbe lehin ori eni

No Orisa helps an individual without the consent of his or her Ori.

Also in Odu Ifa Ogunda Meji, IFA teaches us that Ori is the only Orisa that can be with us and accompany us through all of life’s journeys.
Odu Ifa Irete Ofun teaches us:

Ko si Orisa to to nii gbe
Leyin Ori eni
Ori gbona j’Orisa

No other Orisa can give support
Outside of one’s Ori
Ori is higher than all Orisa.


We are born with Ori, but we also can (and should) receive the physical shrine for Ori. Receiving Ori is a very powerful ceremony. Receiving Ori helps align one with their inner self (Ori Inu) and with their higher self (Iponri).

IFA also says about Ori:

Orunmila lo dohun a-dun-hun-un
Emi naa lo dohun a-dun-hun-un
Orunmila ni begbe eni ba n lowo
Ba a ba a ti i ni in
Ifa ni ka ma dun huun-huun-huun
Ori elomii mo
Ori eni ni ka maa dun huun
Orunmila ni begbe eni ba n n’ire gbogbo
Ba a ba a ti I ni in
Ori eni ni ka maa dun hun-un
Orii mi gbami
Mo dun huun aje mo o
Orii mi gbami
Mo du huun ire gbogbo mo o
Ori apere
eni Ori ba gbebo re
ko yo sese

Orunmila said complaint, complaint, complaint…
I said it is all complaint
Orunmila said if ones colleagues are rich
If we are not yet rich
Ifa said we should not complain
To another person’s Ori
We should complain to our own Ori
Orunmila said if one’s colleagues are getting
all the good things of life
If we have not got…
We should complain only to our Ori
My Ori, deliver me
I complain of money to you
My Ori deliver me
I complain of all the good things of life to you
Ori nicknamed apere. Nicknamed A-sakara-moleke
Whoever’s offering is accepted by their Ori
Should really rejoice.

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  3. this Oyeku Ifa Temple is nice as it is educating us of what seems an illusion to us and making it interestingly educative. I want you to make the book on Ifa so popular and accessible like bible or quoran and student should take it as subject from primary school.

  4. Wow thank you for having this accessible for us to read. Being in the religion for two decades plus, I’m just realizing about Ori.

  5. This page was very informative…I have been looking for this for a couple of months now….Thank You!!!

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  7. I’m interested and need to receive Ori, mandated by Orumila.
    I am 15 yrs crowned with Yemaya through my god mother in the Cuban diaspora.
    Please can you give me advise on how I could receive Ori here in California.
    Thank you
    Lourdes oni yemaya

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