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ORISA and IFA Calendar for December (Osu Ope) 2015

December 2015 OSU OPE
1 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun
2 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
3 Sango/Oya
4 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
5 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun
6 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
7 Sango/Oya
8 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
9 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun
10 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
11 Sango/Oya
12 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
13 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun ***
14 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
15 Sango/Oya
16 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
17 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun
18 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
19 Sango/Oya
20 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
21 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun
22 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
23 Sango/Oya
24 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
25 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun X
26 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
27 Sango/Oya
28 Obatala/Egungun/Iyaami/Sanpanna
29 Ifa/Esu/Osun/Aje/Yemoja/Olokun ***
30 Ogun/Osoosi/Orisa Oko
31 Sango/Oya
*** = Itadogun
X = Full Moon

May Olodumare guide and guard us. Ase


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On the Necessity of Sacrifice

On the Necessity of Sacrifice…

“The Ifa divination system condemns in very strong terms those people who evade the sacrifice stipulated for them. It is believed that such people open themselves to the attack of the ajogun without any help or protection from the divinities. A man can, therefore, never hope for success in any endeavour on which he has consulted Ifa unless he has performed the prescribed sacrifice. Offering of sacrifice means that the divinities have sanctioned whatever the client plans to do and the client himself derives immense psychological satisfaction from the realisation that the divinities and the ancestors are in support of his plan. Furthermore, sacrifice provides the Ifa priest with a good part of his daily bread since he is allowed to retain certain parts of the offerings made by his clients for his own purposes. Whenever he is in doubt as to what part of any sacrifice he can reserve for himself, he can always just use his ibo to achieve clarification.
Sacrifice is therefore central to Ifa divination and to Yoruba religion as a whole. Sacrifice keeps the belief system going and link the client, the diviner, the divinities and the ancestors together through a system of service and reward. When a client refuses to perform sacrifice, he makes it impossible for this system of action and reaction to be completed. Such a client therefore commits a rape of the belief system since he has exploited the divinities by inciting them to identify and solve his problem and for him without providing them with their stipulated reward. Hence, not only will the divinities cease to support him, they may also punish him for his shameless exploitation.”

-Awise Agbaye Wande Abimbola

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IFA: The Answer to All of Life’s Troubles

IFA: The Answer to All of Life’s Troubles
By Apena Fagbemijo Amosun Fakayode

IFA is an ancient sacred science that has been passed down generationally for thousands of years. IFA is also known as FA or AFA in different parts of West Afrika, as it is practiced by various ethnic groups in the area. IFA is a science of divination – a means of communication and interaction with the unseen, spiritual world. Through the practice of IFA we can see what cannot be seen – in the past, present, and future – and thus diagnose problems that are beyond our scope. Therefore when we place our trust in the word of IFA, we are always ensured hope, no matter how dire the situation may seem to us.

Much like when one goes to see a modern medical doctor, going to the Babalawo or Iyanifa (IFA priest or priestess) starts off with something much like diagnosis. Instead of the doctor physically checking you out with instruments such as stethoscope, thermometer, etc. the Babalawo will consult the IFA oracle on your behalf to ask IFA what the energies in your situation are. Even if you do not reveal any symptoms or details to the Babalawo, they will consult IFA and IFA will reveal all. The Babalawo must interpret the divination and they will most usually do so with the use of Ese IFA, verses of divine poetry that has been passed down for thousands of years. The Babalawo will unravel details of your own situation from the poems and then they will help you make sense of it all and how it applies to your own personal current situation. Often the patient or client will have an internal reaction to the messages of IFA and they themselves will come out and tell
the Babalawo further interpretations and insights into their own situation or problem. The Babalawo and the patient will discuss the interpretation and there is much healing psychologically. Certain things that were before overlooked or subconsciously “swept under the mental rug” are now brought to light, by IFA and by the person’s own Ori (divine head/consciousness), and the whole issue is given a new shade of light. These new perspectives, and this outside divine word of IFA, help the patient to reexamine their situation and to look at it from an externalized view. Much like modern counseling or therapy, this helps the patient to deal with their situation and their problems.

On this IFA says:
Ogbe touches the matter for it not to break
Ogbe touches the matter for it not to bend
A beautiful bride is desirable when passing by
When she moves into the home
She becomes trouble
Cast IFA for Orunmila
When he was in debt in six different places
And IFA requested a goat from him
He then made his cry a cry of shouting
And made his song a dirge of lamentation
Now those who write one off do not know tomorrow
If one is not yet dead
One’s chances for achievement have not yet ceased
Those who write one off do not know tomorrow
Travelers to Ipo and Ofa
Join us in the midst of abundant Ire

Next, again much like a modern doctor, the Babalawo will interpret the Odu IFA to prescribe medicines and sacrifices necessary to ensure blessings and to keep away all negative forces. If the patient is sick with a disease, IFA will have revealed the sickness even if the patient exhibited no symptoms, and then IFA will at the same time offer solutions to overcome the illness. The prescribed remedy may be in the form of medicine to be ingested, topical medicine, medicine to be used in the form of a soap or other substance, and many times the prescribed remedy will include sacrificial offerings on behalf of the patient to the ORISHA, the Primordial Forces. By giving prescribed offerings and placating the ORISHA, the Divine Spiritual Energies, we are able to overcome all obstacles in life. The issue is knowing what to offer and to which (out of hundreds and hundreds) ORISHA to give the offering to. IFA oracle will reveal this information and more, and thus
help the patient to overcome their issues in life.

All of us came to Earth with certain individual EEWO, or taboos. These are things that before we came from Heaven (Spiritual World) to Earth (Living World) we decided and swore oath not to eat, drink, keep, etc. These EEWO are very close to the negative forces in the world (loss, contention, sickness, death, etc) and when one breaks covenant and eats, drinks, comes into contact with, etc. their EEWO’s, they are inviting those negative forces into their lives. The way to discover what those taboo items are is through divination with the IFA oracle. During divination and other rituals such as ceremonial initiation rites, IFA will reveal the person’s EEWO. It is through full itefa (IFA initiation) that one can learn their destiny including their EEWO (do’s and don’ts in life). Then once the person is aware of their EEWO’s, they can avoid them and follow them.

By complying with the directives of IFA such as following taboos, and by offering the necessary prescribed sacrificial offerings, we can ensure ourselves that the blessings which we have selected to receive in life will come to us, and at the same time we are assured that any misfortunes which lay in our path can be avoided, that any obstacles can be overcome.

On this IFA says:
IFA is the master of today
IFA is the master of tomorrow
IFA is the master of the day after tomorrow as well
Orunmila is the master of all the four days
Established here on earth by the divinities
Cast IFA for Orunmila
On the day that all the malevolent supernatural powers
Were repeatedly haunting his household
Death disease loss paralysis affliction
Were all glancing at Orunmila
They were saying that
One day they would be successful at killing him
Orunmila then consulted his Ori
Ogunda Meji was divined
He was advised to offer sacrifice
He offered the sacrifice
After he had completed the sacrifice
His Ori provided protective shielding for him
Death could no longer kill him
Nor could diseases affect him
He was dancing he was rejoicing
He was singing the praises of his IFA priests
His IFA priests were singing the praises of IFA
He opened his mouth
Joyous IFA songs came out
He stretched his legs and found himself dancing
he said it is exactly how his priests predicted:
IFA is the master of today
IFA is the master of tomorrow
IFA is the master of the day after tomorrow as well
Orunmila is the master of all the four days
Established here on earth by the divinities
Cast IFA for Orunmila
On the day that all the malevolentsupernatural powers
Were repeatedly haunting his household
The day death comes looking for me
IFA spread out and provide protectionfor me
Just as ewe nla spreads out to shield oori
Just as a big river spreads out to shield the sands of its bed
The day all the malevolent supernatural forces come looking for me
IFA spread out and provide protection for me
Just as ewe nla spreads out to shield oori
Just as a big river spreads out to shield the sands of its bed
It is etiponola that spreads out and shields the soil
IFA spread out and provide protection for me
Just as ewe nla spreads out to shield oori
Just as a big river spreads out to shield the sands
Of its bed