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Who is ESU?

Who is ESU?
By Chief Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode

Esu is one of the Orisa in IFA Religion. The christians and the Muslims are trying to blackmail Esu by equating him with their own Satan, Ashitani, Devil, demon, Lusiva and other evil doers in their religions respectively. Esuis a very good Orisa like others. The devotees of Esu bear names likeEsuyemi, Esukayode, Esubunmi, Esukorede, Esuyomi, Esufunmike,Esufunmilade, Esuwemimo, Esutoosin, esutola, Esujide, Esutunde,Esutunmise, Esurinde, Esufunmilayo and so on. Esu festival is celebrated every year. Esu is eulogized among other praise words as:

Esu laalu
Ogiri oko
Bakere odada
Areyinju legun lo
Ayigbin !
Oba nile Ketu
Egbe leyin elebo
Enini leyin eni-o-koro-Odumare
Esu ma se mi
Ota mi ni ki o se

Esu, the honour of the city
The big and strong stone
Bakere, the instigator
He who possesses eyes that are capable of chasing away bad forces
King in the city of Ketu
The support behind those who make sacrifice
The devil behind those who refuses God’s message
Esu, please, do not turn against me
It is my enemy you should turn against

The devotees of Esu use the beads which is called Lagidigba. Esu is an indispensable Orisa for everybody. .Esu is a very great Orisa. Orunmila likes him very well. Esu is very faithful to Orunmila.

3 thoughts on “Who is ESU?

  1. I have always been attracted to Papa Elegua. Why? I do not know!

  2. what did traditionalist use to worship [ESU]

    • ESU is energetically connected with the Yangi stone (laterite) and it is through that particular kind of stone that we will worship and appease ESU. We will appease ESU with items such as: epo pupa (palm oil), ori (shea), iyere (special pepper), igbin (snail), obuko (male goats), akuko (rooster), guguru (popcorn), obi (kola nut), orogbo (bitter kola), oti (alcoholic drink), among many other items.

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