Oyeku Ofun Temple

Ifa and Orisha Temple in Arcata, Humboldt County, Northern California // A Peaceful Place for Divine Worship

Who is SANGO?

Alaafin, ekun bu, a sa
Alaafin, snarls like a leopard and the people run away

Eleyinju ogunna
One whose eyeballs glow like charcoal

Olukoso lalu
Olukoso, the famous one of the city

A ri igba ota, segun
One who uses 200 stones to conquer

Eyi ti o fi alapa segun ota re
One who hurls pieces of broken wall to defeat his enemies

Kabiyesi o



3 thoughts on “Who is SANGO?

  1. Alaafia , is there more information to be posted of Sango ?

  2. Aburo aboye Abosisse

    Sango is symbolized by the lightening bolt. His colors are red and white. The husband of Oya, Obba, and Ośun.
    Baba of the Ibeji (twins). The spirit of drumming and dance. Sango represents male virility also. His children are charming, energetic, very handsome/beautiful, but quick tempered.

  3. Kabiesi Sango ooo oba Koso oloju Orogbo elereke Obi oko Oya , karara wooo

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